Accounts Payable Automation Software for QuickBooks

When spreadsheets no longer cut it, QuickBooks was often the first choice for small businesses investing in an accounting software. Over the years, QuickBooks has evolved with more complex workflows to serve the needs of professional accountants, medium-sized businesses and even small enterprise clients. For teams looking to further streamline and scale their AP process, adding MineralTree TotalAP to your QuickBooks workflows can transform your business with end-to-end AP automation.

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Get More Out of QuickBooks with MineralTree’s
AP Automation

MineralTree TotalAP provides invoice capture, approval, and payment automation workflows, so you can reap the following benefits:

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99.5% Accurate Invoice Capture

With MineralTree, your team can code and post invoices faster with less data entry. To confirm that all information is accurate, invoices undergo OCR technological data entry and human review, ensuring 99.5% accuracy.

Invoice approvals

Improve Approval Workflows

MineralTree provides unlimited user accounts, so there’s no limit on how many invoice approvers you can have. Those responsible for approving invoices can also do so via email and do not need to login to TotalAP or the QuickBooks system, thereby simplifying approvals in today’s hybrid work environment.

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Unlock Full Visibility into Vendor Payments

MineralTree provides full visibility into your vendor payments at all times, even if they have not been processed yet. With MineralTree, you have easy access to all invoices, payment details, and any supporting documentation.

Payment types: ACH, cards, checks

Simplify the Payments Process:

Just authorize your payments and let MineralTree take care of the rest. TotalAP can initiate check, ACH, or virtual card payments based on vendor preferences. We can even send international wire payments at spot rates directly from our platform. Integrating your ERP with MineralTree’s TotalAP solution enables your team to tackle all payment types in a single workflow with one integration.

White-Glove Payment Services

MineralTree’s payment services team handles virtual card enrollment, proxy payments, and vendor payment inquiries, freeing up even more time for your staff. Additional services are available with TotalAP Premier. We also provide detailed remittance emails on every payment.

MineralTree 2-way sync with ERP

QuickBooks Remains the System of Record

Your team has invested in QuickBooks to have a point of record for accounting. All approval and invoice data is continuously synced back from MineralTree into QuickBooks. With MineralTree’s two-way sync, QuickBooks remains accurate and up-to-date, without manual effort.

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Quickly Spot Overcharges and Duplicate Payments

MineralTree makes it easier for your team to quickly spot overcharges and minimize double payments due to duplicate invoices.

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Sync Capabilities with QuickBooks

MineralTree TotalAP is an accounts payable software compatible with QuickBooks. We support popular QuickBooks packages, whether you’re using standalone desktop software, a hosted QuickBooks installation, or QuickBooks Online in the cloud. MineralTree supports features critical to QuickBooks users, including 2-way invoice sync and full invoice-to-pay workflow automation. It provides a direct, API-level integration, making it easy to transfer data between QuickBooks and TotalAP.

Supported sync features include:

  • Single or Multiple Companies
  • Invoice Capture with Item and Expense Coding
  • 2-Way Invoice Sync with PO-to-Invoice Reconciliation
  • Multi-Currency Invoice Sync and International Payments
  • 2-Way Payment Authorization & Reconciliation
  • Expense allocations
  • Payment Account Sync
  • Flexible Approval and Exception Handling Workflows

In addition, the following features are also included in Quickbooks Online:

  • Credits and Discounts Sync
  • Credit application
  • Copy Coding for recurring invoices
  • Unlimited Document Sync


Best of all, TotalAP is cloud-based software that connects natively with QuickBooks and stays in sync with your General Ledger, speeding up reconciliation and month-end close.

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Can You Use QuickBooks for Accounts Payable?

Yes, QuickBooks can help AP teams stay organized by remaining the system of record across an organization. However, AP automation can enhance your company’s investment in QuickBooks by offering additional functionality to further optimize your AP workflow. AP automation helps reduce duplicate payments, improve the invoice capture process, and increase your team’s efficiency.

What Versions of QuickBooks does MineralTree Support?

MineralTree supports both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. We sync with popular Quickbooks Desktop packages including Pro/Pro Plus, Premier/Premier Plus, and Enterprise. As for Quickbooks Online, MineralTree supports Essentials, Plus, and Advanced monthly plans.

Can You Integrate AP Invoices into QuickBooks?

Yes, the easiest way to integrate AP invoices is through an AP automation software. With a platform, like MineralTree, you benefit from two-way sync where both systems are updated based on new information. With our platform, you can easily capture invoice information via OCR technology and human review, ensuring 99.5% accuracy.

Does QuickBooks Have AP Automation?

While QuickBooks does have modules that can automate parts of the AP process, it does not currently provide an end-to-end automated AP workflow. This can only be achieved with the assistance of an AP automation platform. A solution, like MineralTree’s TotalAP, will integrate seamlessly with your ERP system, so that your information remains accurate while making the entire process more efficient.

Does QuickBooks Have OCR?

In short, yes! QuickBooks does offer Optical Character Recognition (OCR). However, with an AP automation solution like MineralTree, invoices are scanned with both OCR technology and then reviewed by a live human to guarantee 99.5% accuracy for invoice capture.

Does QuickBooks Have Invoice Management?

QuickBooks can help AP teams manage invoices. However, ERP systems are by design a complicated system to use. As a result, they can be customized to fit an organization’s needs. However, visibility into the invoice management process is enhanced through AP automation platforms like MineralTree. Additionally, MineralTree allows companies to use data upon invoice capture for analytics.

What is the QuickBooks Approval Process?

When combined with MineralTree, the invoice approval process becomes as simple as a click of email. Decision makers can access the invoice approval from any device, anywhere without needing a login to a complicated system. Reminders are also automatically sent, mitigating the need for AP personnel to follow up.

How Does AP Automation Work?

AP automation helps teams increase productivity while decreasing late, duplicate, or missing payments. In addition, AP automation helps businesses scale while making greater use of their data analytics to improve cash flow management and overall payment strategy.

What Should Businesses Consider When Choosing an AP Automation Solution?

Businesses should first think about the difficulties and challenges they are having with their financial and accounts payable functions. With an AP automation tool like MineralTree, businesses transform their accounts payable department into a strategic partner that can promote business growth.

What Other Accounting Systems does MineralTree work with?

MineralTree integrates with hundreds of the leading accounting systems and ERPs, whether you’re a non-profit, growing business, or large enterprise. Here are just a few of the many ERPs we support: Oracle (NetSuite, E-Business Suite, and Fusion Cloud ERP), Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, SAP ECC6, Microsoft Great Plains, Sage Intacct, and many more. As a result, MineralTree can scale with your business, no matter the ERP.