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Oracle ERP Cloud AP Automation Solution

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud helps companies accelerate efficiency across all business units by leveraging built-in machine learning for predictive planning and forecasting. Organizations that turn to Oracle ERP Cloud as their system of record often adopt new processes and business models quickly to reduce costs, streamline AP processes, and innovate faster. Leveraging an AP automation system is a great way for companies to maximize the return on investment for their enterprise resource planning system.

MineralTree TotalAP Workflow with Oracle ERP Cloud

Get More Out of Oracle ERP Cloud with TotalAP Enterprise

TotalAP seamlessly automates invoice capture, processing, and payment workflows, so you can reap the following benefits:


Enroll Vendors in Electronic Payment Methods

40% of AP professionals reported that their team’s capacity to enroll vendors was an obstacle for converting more spend to ePayments. MineralTree’s TotalAP Enterprise solution addresses this challenge by cross-checking your vendor list with our database to identify suppliers who already accept electronic payments. If you’re looking to increase the amount of ePayments in your payment mix, MineralTree’s team can assist with enrolling your strategic vendors for digital payment methods.

Minimize Risk and Fraudulent Payments

Business email compromise (BEC) is one of the top fraud methods used to target AP teams, where cybercriminals act to replicate a vendor email in hopes of receiving payment for a fraudulent invoice. With MineralTree, invoice data is automatically cross-referenced with existing vendor information that is stored in the system to confirm that they match or flag them for team review. Not only does this ensure AP teams retain complete control over the process, but that security and protections are increased along the way.

Improve Visibility

Improve Visibility into Payment Status

Manual processes often complicate processes, making it harder for AP teams to accurately track invoices through to approval and payment. MineralTree’s TotalAP Enterprise provides AP teams with visibility into the entire payment process, so no invoice gets lost or forgotten along the way. As a result, AP teams can always easily and accurately identify where each payment is within their accounts payable workflow.


Optimize Vendor Discounts & Rebates

By processing invoices quickly and easily scheduling payments in the MineralTree system, your business can take advantage of early payment discounts. Your business can also get cash-back rebates on your purchases and save money by leveraging our virtual card option, SilverPay.

Payment types: ACH, cards, checks

Easily Pay Vendors in Their Preferred Payment Methods

MineralTree’s TotalAP Enterprise simplifies vendor payments by allowing your AP team to schedule payments in the vendor’s preferred method, eliminating additional work processes. This avoids manual check runs and the complications of adding new payment types.


Drive Efficiency in the Invoice Approval Process

With TotalAP Enterprise, approvals can be made via TotalAP Enterprise application, email or the mobile app. If there are any delays in approvals, the TotalAP Enterprise system automatically sends email reminders to the approver.

MineralTree 2-way sync with ERP

Maintain Oracle ERP Cloud as Your System of Record

Your team has invested in Oracle ERP Cloud to serve as a cohesive point of record for your business. TotalAP Enterprise syncs all approval and invoice data into Oracle ERP Cloud, allowing both systems to have accurate and timely information.

Unlock Comprehensive Insights Through Analytics

TotalAP Enterprise 360 Analytics helps different user personas gain insights for AP processes. Users can view reports to determine things like how DPO will affect their cash flow, or which vendors have the highest exception rate.

Woman Capturing Invoices

90% Accuracy in Invoice Capture

TotalAP Enterprise captures invoice data through best-in-class OCR technology to achieve one of the highest capture rates.

MineralTree 2-way sync with ERP

Direct & Indirect Integration Options

Our direct API integration offers real-time interaction and communication with Oracle Cloud. For customers with strict security requirements for how third-party systems integrate with their ERP, TotalAP Enterprise can also integrate with ERP Cloud indirectly using a file-based transfer mechanism. The sync schedule is fully configurable and offers granular control of sync frequency by data type.

woman and man automating ap


Sync Capabilities with Oracle ERP Cloud

TotalAP directly integrates with Oracle ERP Cloud, enabling real-time communication between the two systems. By leveraging DataEnrich, TotalAP Enterprise can enhance its invoice records by automatically populating vendor details, invoice payment terms, and invoice due-date, and matches the data to purchase orders (POs) during invoice capture.

TotalAP Enterprise also processes records in a way that minimizes errors before transferring them to Oracle ERP Cloud so there is only one application needed to process invoice records. During invoice processing, AP teams can monitor and resolve errors, including:

  • PO tolerances
  • Duplicate invoice
  • Charge account code missing
  • Project coding missing
  • Tax code missing

As a result, TotalAP Enterprise safeguards businesses against potential duplicate payments, invoice fraud, or transaction posting errors.

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How is Oracle Used for Accounts Payable?

Oracle is used to help many aspects of the accounts payable process including, invoice and payment processing, vendor management, and provides useful insights into reporting and analytics.

What is the Payment Process in Oracle ERP Cloud?

The payment process in Oracle ERP Cloud can be defined as a set of payment batches to pay vendor invoices. The payment process in Oracle ERP Cloud includes invoice entry, invoice approval, selecting payment choice, payment processing, payment reconciliation, and reporting.

What Other ERP Systems does MineralTree work with?

MineralTree’s TotalAP Enterprise solution integrates with hundreds of the leading ERP systems, whether you’re a non-profit, growing business, or large enterprise. Here are just a few of the many ERPs we support: Oracle (NetSuite, E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne), SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. As a result, MineralTree can scale with your business, no matter the ERP.

My organization utilizes JD Edwards EnterpriseOne along with other ERPs

TotalAP Enterprise does work with multi-ERP environments providing centralized AP processing across multiple ERPs and business units. Whether it’s a 2-way synchronization with a legacy ERP or integration via a data warehouse supporting multiple ERPs across several global subsidiaries, TotalAP Enterprise is purpose-built to tackle any level of complexity.