About MineralTree AP Software

We are focused on enabling businesses to modernize their accounts payable workflow with our end-to-end automation solutions.

Responding to a once arduous process, we have helped hundreds of businesses reduce manual workloads, ensure security against fraud and gain access to preferred payment methods.

Businesses using MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay today experience the benefits of increased AP efficiency, reduced processing costs, greater control of outgoing cash flow, minimized payment risk, and improved internal accounting controls.

And for banks, we help you provide a much-needed solution to your commercial clients.

Fast thinking, tech-savvy, and remarkably concentrated on leveraging technology, our mission is to change the way companies think about making payments.

Our Leadership Team

Our people are dedicated to creating a uniquely compelling solution that changes business payments forever – that’s MineralTree.

BC Krishna, President and CEO of MineralTree

BC Krishna

President & Chief Executive Officer

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Kerry Kee, SVP of Engineering at MineralTree

Kerry Kee

Senior Vice President, Engineering

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Meeta Mathur, VP of Experience Design at MineralTree

Meeta Mathur

Vice President, Experience Design

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Mike Goldenberg, Director of Direct Sales at MineralTree

Mike Goldenberg

Vice President, Direct & Partner Sales

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David Berman, VP of Engineering at MineralTree

Stephen Williams

Vice President, Marketing

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Joseph Fortini, VP of Customer Success

Joseph Fortini

Vice President, Customer Success

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Our Board of Directors

BC Krishna

President & CEO MineralTree

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Maria Cirino

Managing Director, .406 Ventures

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Ralph Dangelmaier

Chief Executive Officer, BlueSnap

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Greg Dracon

Partner, .406 Ventures

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Sandeep Singh

Principal, Eight Roads (Fidelity Growth Partners)

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Andrew Gelb

Executive Vice President, First Data

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Carol Meyers

Chief Marketing Officer, Rapid7

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