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Manual, labor intensive AP processes just don’t cut it anymore. With MineralTree, coding invoices, late payments, and chasing internal approvals are a thing of the past. Our accounts payable solutions drive efficiency, offering a digital Invoice-to-Pay and automated payment solution that speeds up processing times, improves security, and reduces the cost of making B2B payments. Explore the benefits of MineralTree TotalAP and MineralTree TotalPay to discover which solution is right for you.

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Why Choose MineralTree for Your AP Automation Needs?

MineralTree is the only Invoice-to-Pay solution that serves both mid-market and enterprise organizations. With our ability to integrate into multiple ERP systems, we grow as you grow! Our easy-to-use platform provides a user-focused workflow with efficient invoice capture and coding, in-depth analytics, and advanced invoice approval to create unmatched simplicity and visibility across your entire accounts payable department. MineralTree optimizes the AP process with:

  • Real-time visibility into AP health
  • Payment optimization that balances customer needs with supplier benefits
  • Robust supplier network with unique expertise in healthcare, biotech, retail, food beverage, and more
  • Two-way ERP and accounting system integrations that grow as you grow
  • Security, risk, and fraud mitigation that facilitates process control
MineralTree Total AP Automation

MineralTree TotalAP: The End-to-End AP Solution

Enter end-to-end AP automation and payment optimization. The MineralTree TotalAP solution digitizes and automates the entire Invoice-to-Pay process. Yes, all of it! With TotalAP, making payments to your suppliers is easy, impactful, and profitable. Our cloud-based solution gives you the ability to process tens of thousands of invoices every month, helping your business scale and grow without the need to increase headcount. Learn more about how TotalAP provides the tools to accelerate invoice processing, optimize payments, and leverage working capital for your organization.


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MineralTree TotalPay

MineralTree TotalPay: Improved B2B Payments

Make manual B2B payments a thing of the past. MineralTree TotalPay is an extension of your AP team that transforms manual, labor-intensive payments workflows into an efficient and optimized process with improved security and reduced B2B payments costs. We help make sure payments are made on time, every time, and free up workloads by managing vendors and providing support so your team can focus on your next big venture.


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MineralTree TotalPay and MineralTree TotalAP are the key to automated and optimized payments. Learn more about how MineralTree is revolutionizing B2B commerce. Request a demo today.

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Did you know MineralTree has a free, secure virtual card payment method that enables you to create a revenue stream simply by paying your vendors?

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What is AP Automation?

AP automation is the automated process of capturing, coding and facilitating payment to vendors. Traditional processes in accounts payable can lead to unnecessary mistakes and strained supplier relationships. By automating the end-to-end AP process, your team can create a better workflow that benefits your employees and vendors.

What are the Benefits of AP Automation?

AP automation provides the accounts payable department with a more streamlined approach to their entire workflow. This approach offers the following advantages:

  • Increased processing efficiency and cost reduction
  • Improved visibility and control over AP spend
  • Enhanced supplier relationships
  • Flexibility to support a hybrid work environment
  • Reduced errors and manual data entry
  • Consistent, on-time payments

How Do You Automate the AP Process?

There are several steps in automating the AP process, including invoice capture, payment authorization, and analytics. Companies benefit most when they transition to an automated end-to-end AP workflow.

Organizations will need to partner with an AP automation software provider to facilitate this process. Solutions such as TotalAP from MineralTree can automate the entire Invoice-to-Pay workflow, creating a more efficient AP process for your organization.