Accounts Payable Automation Software for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) provides extensive functionality while empowering businesses as they grow and scale. Adding MineralTree TotalAP to your GP environment can provide greater visibility for finance teams to transform their business with end-to-end invoice-to-pay automation. With TotalAP, teams can easily capture, code and post invoices with less data entry, reduce payment processing costs, and eliminate duplicate invoices.

How TotalAP Works with Microsoft Dynamics GP to Improve Your AP Workflow

TotalAP provides invoice capture, approval, and payment automation workflows, so you can reap the following benefits

Woman Capturing Invoices

99.5% Accurate Invoice Capture

MineralTree captures invoices by utilizing OCR technology combined with human review, achieving 99.5% accuracy. It also captures line item data, allowing your team to use more specific data in reports and financial forecasts.

Invoice approvals

Make Approving Invoices Easy

Invoice approvers can easily review and sign off on invoices via email without needing to log in to any system. Additionally, MineralTree automatically sends reminders to reduce staff time spent following up on invoice status.

Payment types: ACH, cards, checks

Pay Vendors in their Preferred Method

Multiple payment types generally require more work for the AP team to facilitate. With MineralTree, you can pay vendors in their preferred payment method, without adding additional work or processes for your team.

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Unlock Full Visibility into Vendor Payments

Gain full visibility into your vendor payments at any time, even if invoices have not yet been posted. MineralTree grants easy access to all invoices, payment details, and any supporting documentation.

Invoice error

Eliminate Duplicate Payments

With MineralTree, your team can easily identify duplicate invoices, so you can avoid the costly mistake of paying vendors twice.

Mitigate Risk and Fraudulent Payments

Offload managing supplier payment details, apply best-in-class security controls, and ensure complete auditability across your AP process with MineralTree.

MineralTree 2-way sync with ERP

Microsoft Dynamics Remains the System of Record

Your team has invested in Microsoft Dynamics GP to be a reference point for all accounting transactions. All invoice, approval and payment data continuously syncs back from MineralTree into Microsoft Dynamics GP. With MineralTree’s two-way sync, Microsoft Dynamics GP remains accurate and up-to-date, without manual effort.

Data Analytics

Use Invoice Data Once Captured

Your finance team can use invoice data from MineralTree for reporting immediately upon capture. Your team no longer needs to wait until an invoice has been posted to the ERP, giving you a more accurate view of your AP balance and overall financial health.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP

TotalAP provides direct, API-level integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, enabling full AP automation & GL functionality between your accounting system and our software.

Supported Sync features include:

  • Support for all Dynamics GP 2013-2018 releases and hotfixes**
  • 2-way invoice sync
  • Payment account sync
  • Invoice capture with line item and expense coding
  • Expense allocations
  • Flexible approval and exception handling workflows

Best of all, TotalAP is cloud-based software that connects natively with Dynamics GP, providing up-to-the-minute sync capabilities.

Learn More about MineralTree's integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP in our specialized datasheet.

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