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Education Can Enjoy Big Savings with AP Automation

Whether you’re working at a training firm, corporate learning program, small college, regional school, or other educational organization, one thing is for sure – you need to find ways to do more with less. And, find ways to cut costs without impacting services. While that might sound like a tall order, it’s actually quite easy to do, and you don’t have to look any further than your Accounts Payable department. Our AP automation solution helps you reduce time-consuming manual work, and, most importantly, gain critical cost savings that can be used to fund your programs. On top of that, your AP operations will be more efficient and effective than ever.

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Gain the visibility to better manage expenses

Like many AP departments, you probably have limited visibility into your invoices. Because paper invoices are received by different people throughout the organization, and they often get misplaced or buried on someone’s desk, it’s really hard to know how much money you owe at any given time. MineralTree changes that. We provide the visibility to know where your invoices are in the process, and where your money is going, so you can manage it better.

Lower Processing Costs

Cost cutting is easy

Manual invoice processing is a time-consuming, expensive task, and with our automation solution, you can increase AP processing efficiency by up to 80%. The same goes for payment processing – so just by automating these processes you’re already saving money.  On top of that, you can find additional savings by analyzing your spend according to identify areas where you could cut expenses or find savings, such as through negotiating volume discounts.

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Earn money through rebates

In addition to savings, you can actually earn money for your organization every time you use our SilverPay virtual card, which also offers greater security and streamlined reconciliation. Many suppliers like it because it allows them to be paid faster, and they benefit from improved cash flow.

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It’s simple to pay on time

With a system that automates the end-to-end AP process, and pushes approvals along for you, it’s easy to pay your suppliers on time. When it comes time to pay, it only takes a click – or touch of the screen – to choose how you’d like the supplier to be paid and then you’re done.


No more busy work – gain efficiencies, while reducing errors and fraud

With automation, you can say goodbye to the hours – or days – your team spends manually entering in invoices or preparing payments – and gain the efficiencies of smooth-running operations. Our workflow manages the process from invoice capture and approval to payment, so you don’t have to. Automation not only frees your staff of the admin burden, but it also reduces human error and fraud, a growing concern for all organizations.

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Will MineralTree integrate with my ERP?

We seamlessly integrate with hundreds of ERPs and Accounting Systems, including Oracle (NetSuite, EBS, ERP Cloud, JDE, PeopleSoft); SAP; QuickBooks (Desktop, Online); Microsoft Dynamics (Business Central, Great Plains, Finance & Operations); and Sage (Intacct, 50, 100). We make sure every data point, transaction, approval, and payment syncs with your ERP so everything runs smoothly.

What is the ROI?

By streamlining processes and reducing a large amount of manual work, you will capture savings right away. In addition, you’ll not only save on late fees, but also be able to take advantage of early payment discounts, and with the visibility you gain, be able to negotiate better contracts with suppliers. All of these savings enable you to benefit from rapid ROI.

Can we use different payment methods?

You have the flexibility to pay suppliers any way you want: by check, ACH, wire or virtual card. Our platform even offers integrated foreign exchange (FX) payments, if you have international suppliers that you need to pay in their local currency.

How hard is it to set up the system?

Our AP automation and payment solutions are very easy to set up and use, requiring minimal time on your part. Also, since we handle supplier enrollment for payment, you don’t have to, which means we’re working on your behalf to maximize the benefits of electronic payments. And, there’s no need for IT involvement, other than just keeping them in the loop.

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