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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Accounts Payable Automation and Payment

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an enterprise ERP software that enables organizations to better manage their AP workflow. With JD Edwards, users can negotiate more favorable vendor contracts, prioritize vouchers and handle multi-currency needs. JD Edwards is a prime ERP choice for companies with complex AP needs that process 10,000+ monthly invoices.

MineralTree’s TotalAP Enterprise solution offers robust integration options with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for AP automation and payment processing. Our flexible ERP integration options enable customers to select which is best suited for all their business, technical, and security needs.

MineralTree is the trusted AP automation and payment provider to 2,000+ companies and banks. We process $20B+ in annual payments.


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Get More Out of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne with MineralTree TotalAP Enterprise

TotalAP Enterprise automates invoice capture, approval and payment workflows, providing ample business benefits:

MineralTree 2-way sync with ERP

Direct API Integration

Our direct integration capabilities offer real-time interaction and communication with JD Edwards. We also utilize DataEnrich to enrich invoice records by auto populating various key information such as vendor details, invoice payment terms, payment method and ship-to information, which significantly reduces AP’s workload. TotalAP Enterprise can automatically match invoice lines to respective POs/receipts. All rules and validations setup on the ERP side extend in real-time to TotalAP Enterprise along with when changes are made to these rules and validations in the ERP.

MineralTree 2-way sync with ERP

Indirect Integration Option

For customers with strict security requirements for how third-party systems integrate with their ERP, TotalAP Enterprise can also integrate with JD Edwards indirectly using a file-based transfer mechanism. The sync schedule is fully configurable and offers granular control of sync frequency by data type.

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Maximize Discounts & Rebates

TotalAP Enterprise makes it easy to take advantage of available ERP discounts or use virtual cards to gain payment rebates. Invoices with ERP discounts are clearly labeled for AP users to pay special attention to these invoices. Our payment operations work with customers regularly to onboard suppliers to the virtual card program, enabling our customers to gain the highest rebate attainment.

Payment types: ACH, cards, checks

Pay Vendors in their Preferred Payment Method

With MineralTree’s TotalAP Enterprise TotalPay program, AP no longer has to create separate payment processes for each different payment method. Instead AP can leverage the TotalPay program to pay suppliers in their preferred payment method, whether that be by check, virtual card, or ACH.

Invoice approvals

Real-Time Invoice Validation

MineralTree validates invoices in real-time, checking for errors such as PO tolerances, duplicate invoices, future invoice date, charge account coding, project coding, tax code, and other ERP validations. TotalAP Enterprise also minimizes errors in invoice processing prior to being vouchered in JD Edwards.

Man Approving Invoices

Improve the Invoice Approval Process

With TotalAP Enterprise, approvals can be made via TotalAP Enterprise application, email or the mobile app. If there are any delays in approvals, the TotalAP Enterprise system automatically sends email reminders to the approver.


Actionable Insights & Analytics

TotalAP Enterprise 360 Analytics helps different user personas gain insights for AP processes. Users can view reports to determine things like how DPO will affect their cash flow, or which vendors have the highest exception rate.

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Gain Full Visibility Across AP

TotalAP Enterprise makes it easy to find out the payment status of any invoice. As a result, AP teams can answer vendor inquiries very quickly and reduce duplicate payments.

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SOC 2 Compliance

MineralTree takes data privacy and concerns seriously. Our TotalAP Enterprise solution has extensive security certifications, such as SOC.

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90% Invoice Capture Accuracy

TotalAP Enterprise captures invoice data through best-in-class OCR technology to achieve one of the highest capture rates.

What is JD Edwards EnterpriseOne accounts payable?

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is a cloud-based ERP solution with accounts payable capabilities that enable organizations to pay a large number of invoices while improving their AP process. However, AP teams can gain more value from their ERP system by combining these modules with an AP automation platform. MineralTree’s AP automation solutions help teams reduce human error, gain more insights from analytics, and improve their vendor relationships.

What does AP automation mean?

AP automation leverages technology to process invoices and payments thereby significantly reducing the high level of manual efforts needed to process invoices and payments.

What Other ERP Systems does MineralTree work with?

MineralTree’s TotalAP Enterprise solution integrates with hundreds of the leading ERP systems, whether you’re a non-profit, growing business, or large enterprise. Here are just a few of the many ERPs we support: Oracle (NetSuite, E-Business Suite, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne), SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. As a result, MineralTree can scale with your business, no matter the ERP.

My organization utilizes JD Edwards EnterpriseOne along with other ERPs

TotalAP Enterprise does work with multi-ERP environments providing centralized AP processing across multiple ERPs and business units. Whether it’s a 2-way synchronization with a legacy ERP or integration via a data warehouse supporting multiple ERPs across several global subsidiaries, TotalAP Enterprise is purpose-built to tackle any level of complexity.

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