Accounts Payable Automation Software for Sage Intacct

For growing companies looking to jumpstart back-office transformation, Sage Intacct has been the logical choice to better manage finances, operations, and people. Adding MineralTree TotalAP to your Intacct environment helps ensure that your back office can meet your digital transformation goals without adding headcount. Like Intacct, TotalAP is cloud-based software that scales with your needs.


The AP process with Sage Intacct and MineralTree’s automated AP solution

Get More Out of Sage Intacct with MineralTree’s AP Automation Tool

TotalAP streamlines invoice capture, approval, and payment automation workflows, so you can reap the following benefits:

Invoice approvals

99.5% Accurate Invoice Capture

With MineralTree, your team can easily code and post invoices faster with less data entry. Our capture tool combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology with human review to digitize invoices, resulting in 99.5% accuracy to ensure that all invoice details are captured correctly.

Man Approving Invoices

Flexible Approval Workflows

MineralTree provides unlimited user accounts for invoice approvers, and even allows them to review and approve or reject invoices via email, without logging into MineralTree or Sage Intacct. This streamlines the entire invoice approval process, especially in remote/hybrid work environments.

Payment types: ACH, cards, checks

Simplify Payments

ACH, or virtual card payments based on vendor preferences, with your choice of direct debit or settlement account funding. For every dollar spent using our virtual card, you’ll earn cash-back rebates. Fee-free international wire payments are also available with select packages.

Magnifying Glass

White-Glove Payment Services

Looking for automation with a human touch? MineralTree’s payment services team will handle virtual card enrollment to maximize your savings. Additional services are also available, freeing up even more time for your staff to focus on other strategic projects.

Tighten Security Controls

By leveraging MineralTree’s platform, accounting managers gain complete visibility and control over every approved invoice and payment, at every step of the process. Electronic documentation tracks key approval steps, while alerts and notifications ensure proper control monitoring. Two-factor authentication, payment limits, and the production of Positive Pay files are supported, plus extensive security certifications (SOC 1, SOC 2 Plus HIPAA, PCI DSS Level 1 Certified).

MineralTree 2-way sync with ERP

Sage Intacct Remains the System of Record

Your team has invested in Sage Intacct to have a point of record for accounting. All approval and invoice data continuously syncs back from MineralTree into Sage Intacct. With MineralTree’s two-way sync, Sage Intacct remains accurate and up-to-date, while TotalAP adds full visibility into invoices and pending payments prior to post, for a more complete view of your payables.

Invoice error

Eliminate Overcharges and Duplicate Payments

MineralTree streamlines the invoice approval and payment workflows, making it easy for your AP team to quickly spot overcharges and eliminate double payments caused by duplicate invoices and manual errors.

MineralTree API sync with Sage Intacct

TotalAP: Seamless 2-Way Sync with Sage Intacct

MineralTree TotalAP provides direct, API-level integration with Sage Intacct, so your staff can enter bills into either platform while vendors, bill details, coding fields, lists, payments/posting status and credits all stay in sync. Our integration allows you to take full advantage of Sage Intacct without complicating your existing workflows. Best of all, direct integration means setup is simple and our stellar integration and support staff are here to guide you every step of the way.

MineralTree Total AP Automation

Supported sync features include:

  • Single account or multi-entity support with root-level visibility
  • 2-way Invoice Sync
  • Flexible approval workflows and exception handling workflows
  • Multi-currency support for International Payments
  • Payment Account Integration
  • 2-way Payment Authorization & Reconciliation
  • Unlimited document storage
  • 1099 Designation

Regardless of your environment, TotalAP provides multiple configuration options for managing integration at the account level, subsidiary level, or as a mixed/multi-entity environment.

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Can You Integrate AP invoices into Sage Intacct?

Yes! The best way to integrate AP invoices is through an AP automation software. With a solution, like MineralTree, you benefit from two-way sync where both systems are updated based on new information. Not to mention, our platform ensures 99.5% accuracy on invoice capture with our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and human review.

How Does Automated Accounts Payable Work?

AP automation is the process of capturing invoice data, approving invoices, paying vendors, and executing payments in an automated manner. For AP teams interested in AP automation, partnering with a platform like MineralTree will make it easy. Setting up the platform does not require additional IT resources and can be done quickly. Additionally, our platform easily integrates with a range of ERP systems, including Sage Intacct.

Does Sage Intacct Have AP Automation?

Sage Intacct does have the ability to automate certain parts of the accounts payable process; however, to best achieve a streamlined and automated end-to-end AP process, it’s best to leverage an end-to-end AP automation solution. MineralTree’s TotalAP easily integrates into your ERP system, so that your information remains accurate while making the entire AP process more efficient.

How Does AP Automation Work?

AP automation helps teams improve efficiencies, while reducing late payments. AP automation can help businesses scale and better leverage their data analytics to improve cash flow management and overall payment strategy.

What Should Companies Consider When Choosing an AP Automation Software?

Companies should first consider what challenges they are facing in terms of their financial and accounts payable function. A tool like MineralTree, can help companies transform their accounts payable department into a strategic partner that can promote business growth.