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Delivering a new vision of end-to-end AP automation to the world is a team effort

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We work with a wide range of partners

We believe that partnering toward a common goal should be simple and easy. With streamlined on-boarding from the start and responsive support from beginning to end, partnering with MineralTree will benefit your organization and the clients you serve.

Banking with MineralTree

For Banks

We partner with financial institutions like yours that want to serve growing, middle market business clients better while increasing revenues. It’s simple. We help you deepen your connection with your business clients, boosting loyalty and retention. How? By delivering the powerful, innovative AP and payment solutions that your clients want and need.

Why partner with MineralTree?

• Meet the needs of middle market business clients
• Boost loyalty and retention
• Generate non-interest and interchange income
• Drive more payments to commercial cards
• Brand our solutions as your offerings

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Accounting Materials and Coffee

For Accounting Firms and More

We work closely with our diverse group of partners to bring new capabilities to their clients—and earn new revenues. Our advanced Accounts Payable and payment automation solutions integrate with your clients’ current accounting systems—processing check, ACH, virtual cards, or corporate credit card payments. Partner with MineralTree to deliver the capabilities your clients need.


Why partner with MineralTree?

  • Expand your services
  • Meet the demand for more efficient AP and payments processes
  • Enable middle market companies to get enterprise-level efficiencies
  • Earn competitive commissions and raise recurring revenues
  • Close deals


Who partners with MineralTree?

CPAs, VARs, Resellers, Consultants & BPOs


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A Few of our Trusting Partners