MineralTree for Food and Beverage

Automatic stand mixer vs. manual stirring bowl

AP Automation Boosts Efficiency and Savings for Food & Beverage Companies

MineralTree provides AP automation solutions for companies across the food and beverage industry, including wineries, packaged foods, fast-serve restaurants and restaurant chains. These companies share common concerns when it comes to finance: the need to control costs, increase margins, gain efficiencies, and keep suppliers happy and goods flowing. Achieving these goals isn’t easy when they’re overwhelmed by paper invoices and manual processes. That’s where MineralTree comes in. We help food and beverage companies automate their end-to-end AP process so they can reduce costs, streamline processes, and pay suppliers on time.


Gain process efficiencies

With automated processes, you can say goodbye to the tedious manual work that is a major time sink, like inputting and coding invoice data or printing, signing, stuffing, and mailing checks. Our automated AP workflow manages the accounts payable process from invoice capture through to payment, freeing up resources to focus on higher value activities.

Invoice approvals

Fast track approvals

Manually routing invoices to approvers across the organization and multiple entities can result in wasted time and payment delays. With MineralTree, it’s all automated, so invoices never get lost in the shuffle or fall through the cracks. You no longer have to track anyone down, MineralTree does it for you.


Keep suppliers happy

With automated, transparent processes, invoices move through the system like clockwork and payments are made on time. You can keep suppliers happy and provide the cash flow they need to keep the goods flowing to your company.

Magnifying Glass

Have the visibility to control expenses

You’ll gain real-time visibility into each invoice in the system, making it easy to track and manage expenses by supplier, business entity, or other category. The solution eliminates errors and duplicate invoices and has built-in controls for improved expense and cash management.


Watch the savings add up

By getting rid of time-consuming manual processes, you’ll able to reduce AP processing costs by up to 80%. The same benefit applies to payment, where you can significantly reduce costs through automation, avoiding late fees and capturing more early-payment discounts in the process. But it doesn’t stop there — you can also make money. By using SilverPay, our virtual card, you will earn cash-back rebates with every payment.

Still not sure if MineralTree is a good fit for your business? Talk to one of our reps and get into the unique details of your processes to find out.

Will MineralTree integrate with my ERP?

We seamlessly integrate with hundreds of ERPs and Accounting Systems, including Oracle (NetSuite, EBS, ERP Cloud, JDE, PeopleSoft); SAP; QuickBooks (Desktop, Online); Microsoft Dynamics (Business Central, Great Plains, Finance & Operations); and Sage (Intacct, 50, 100). We make sure every data point, transaction, approval, and payment syncs with your ERP so everything runs smoothly.

Can the solution handle multi-location or entities? What about M&As?

Trying to process invoices manually across locations or entities is challenging, and a major waste of time, even just to get the invoices from one place to another. By consolidating the process through our AP automation solution, those problems are solved. You’ll benefit from a centralized process, reduced costs and an automated workflow that eliminates manual work and lets you track expenses for each location.

When it comes to M&As, MineralTree can easily manage the AP process for multiple businesses whichever way works for you – either by consolidating it in one view or handling the subsidiaries separately.

Can you handle international FX payments

We make automated FX payments easy. You can pay international suppliers by cross-border wire transfers using the same workflow you make check, ACH, and virtual card payments to U.S. suppliers. All you have to do is you choose how you want the payment made, and with one click, it’s done. The record of your payment, along with the conversion rate, is automatically entered into your ERP. And, by avoiding costly bank charges, you end up saving a lot of money.

Can we configure our own invoice approval rules?

Our AP automation solution was designed for flexibility so you can handle approvals in the way that works best for your business. In addition to benefiting from automatic PO-matching, you can customize your invoice approval rules, and accommodate individual business unit needs.