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AP Automation Helps Retailers Work Faster, Smarter, and Leaner

With staffing shortages, supply chain challenges, and evolving consumer behaviors, profit margins are tighter than ever. To keep pace with these changes, many retailers are digitally transforming customer-facing interactions. But there’s another key – and often overlooked – area that should also be a digital priority: Accounts Payable. By automating this back-office operation, you can significantly cut costs, boost productivity, and strengthen vendor relationships. And thanks to easy, painless implementation, you can accomplish all this – and gain competitive advantage – while enjoying rapid ROI.


End-to-End Operational Efficiency

Manual – or even partially automated – Accounts Payable is a tedious, error-prone process that wastes valuable time and money. TotalAP from MineralTree gives you end-to-end AP automation – from invoice capture, coding, and approvals to payment authorization, and execution. We also handle vendor onboarding, enrollment, and inquiries, along with ongoing vendor management. Now, late payments can be a thing of the past, with invoices no longer lost, forgotten, or hung up for approval. You can process significantly more invoices and payments – and do it faster and with increased accuracy – even if you’re short-staffed.

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No Pain, but Plenty of Gain

Because our retail AP automation solution is so easy to implement, and requires minimal IT involvement, you can get it up and running without taking your eye off other digital transformation projects. It’s easy for everyone to use — the AP team, approvers, and authorizers alike. And thanks to mobile capabilities, the AP process can move forward uninterrupted, no matter where anyone is.
Another key benefit is that AP automation can grow with you. It can easily accommodate new suppliers, including international ones, as well as scale up with your sales and revenue growth.

Increased Visibility + Analytics = Better Cash Flow and Savings

TotalAP from MineralTree includes MineralTree Analytics, giving you a single AP dashboard to easily see and manage what’s happening at specific stores or across multiple locations and entities. This helps you strategically manage and time payments to maximize cash flow, or benefit from early payment discounts. Payment data insights can also help you to renegotiate contracts, extend terms, or take advantage of other discount opportunities. Additionally, you can view and analyze operational data to further improve efficiencies and streamline the workflow.

Cash Bonus

Slash Costs and Earn Rebates

AP Automation can reduce manual processing costs by up to 80%. Checks are a big contributor to expenses, costing $16 to $22 to process each one manually. By using our virtual card payment option, you’ll not only increase fraud protection, but you’ll also earn cash-back rebates with every payment. These rebates really add up, and can help the system to pay for itself.


Faster Payments Make Happier Vendors

By reducing processing time, retailers can pay vendors faster and support their cash flow needs. This helps to strengthen vendor relationships and foster a reliable supply chain to keep goods flowing.

Still not sure if MineralTree is a good fit for your business? Talk to one of our reps and get into the unique details of your processes to find out.

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AP Gems: Improving Vendor Relationships with AP Automation

What is the ROI of automation for retailers?

By streamlining processes and reducing a huge amount of manual work, you’ll capture savings right away. Additionally, you’ll save on late fees, and the end-to-end visibility you gain will enable you to take advantage of early payment discounts and negotiate better supplier contracts. All these savings add up to rapid ROI, even before factoring in cash-back rebates that can more than offset your MineralTree fees.

Do you support overseas payments?

With MineralTree’s international payments capabilities, you can leverage the same platform to pay international suppliers in their local currency. We update exchange rates continually to get you the best rates, and work with a network of banks in other countries to keep your costs low and transactions fast. Also, to make processing fast and easy for you, we sync the exchange rate with your ERP; record currency automatically during invoice capture; manage different tax requirements; and provide a seamless workflow with domestic payments.

Will MineralTree’s AP automation solution support my ERP?

We seamlessly integrate with hundreds of ERPs and Accounting Systems, including Oracle (NetSuite, EBS, ERP Cloud, JDE, PeopleSoft); SAP; QuickBooks (Desktop, Online); Microsoft Dynamics (Business Central, Great Plains, Finance & Operations); and Sage (Intacct, 50, 100). We make sure every data point, transaction, approval, and payment syncs with your ERP so everything runs smoothly.

Does it handle PO or non-PO invoices?

Yes, TotalAP from MineralTree has the flexibility to support workflows for PO and non-PO-based invoices.