Oracle NetSuite AP Automation: Integrate TotalAP with Your ERP

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For businesses looking for a modern, cloud-based accounting system, Oracle NetSuite leads the field as one of the first ERP systems built for the cloud from the ground up with unsurpassed capability, scalability and global reach.

Adding MineralTree TotalAP to your NetSuite environment helps ensure that your back office can meet your digital transformation goals while scaling to meet your growth needs. Automating Accounts Payable with streamlined invoice approval and payment workflows will maximize the value of your NetSuite investment and accelerate your ROI.

Built for Oracle NetSuite Hybrid SuiteApp

TotalAP is a Built for NetSuite certified Hybrid SuiteApp, with deep integration to ensure data is always in sync and tested against the latest NetSuite releases. TotalAP supports many of the features critical to NetSuite users, including multi-currency support for international payments. Credits created in NetSuite can be applied directly to invoices in TotalAP, with payments and balances synchronized with your ERP.

MineralTree for Oracle NetSuite workflow

Get More Out of NetSuite with TotalAP

TotalAP provides invoice capture, approval and payment automation workflows, so you can reap the following benefits:


API Integration & Two-Way Sync

Native API-level integration enables your team to receive real-time data into NetSuite. With our two-way sync capabilities, data seamlessly integrates from one platform to the other, without any manual effort, ensuring all data is up-to-date.

Woman Capturing Invoices

99.5% Accurate Invoice Capture

Invoice capture is more accurate with MineralTree. We not only use OCR technology to capture data, we also conduct a human review on each invoice, resulting in 99.5% accuracy.

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Reduced Human Error

Items are generally put into NetSuite by manually entering data, uploading a CSV file, or using a third-party tool. However, as the number of invoices grows for companies, CSV files can become more time-consuming and result in costly errors.

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Document Syncing

Gathering the necessary materials and information during an audit can be especially time-consuming for large or high-growth companies. Our TotalAP platform syncs with your NetSuite account to provide a centralized location to quickly find documents.

Payment types: ACH, cards, checks

One AP Process, Despite Payment Type

With TotalAP, you can pay your vendors with their preferred method, without creating a new workflow or additional steps–or work–for your team.

Preserved Audit Trails

Full Visibility into Vendor Payments

Once an invoice is coded and approved, it will be posted to your ERP, making the data usable. Traditionally, until an invoice is posted and approved, there is no way to share this data from the ERP system.

Mitigate Risk and Fraud

By leveraging MineralTree’s platform, accounting managers gain complete visibility and control over every approved invoice and payment, at every step of the process. Segregation of duties and two-factor authentication further enhance payment security, as does shifting paper check payments to virtual cards.

MineralTree 2-way sync with ERP

NetSuite Remains the System of Record

Your team has invested in NetSuite to have a point of record for accounting. All approval and invoice data is continuously synced back from MineralTree into NetSuite. With MineralTree’s two-way sync, NetSuite remains accurate and up-to-date, without manual effort.

Invoice approvals

Improve Approval Workflows

ERP systems can be complicated to use and by design, they have limited permissions for non-Finance staff. With MineralTree, you don’t need to create additional permissions in NetSuite for invoice approvals. MineralTree provides unlimited user licenses for approvers, who are notified via email and can even reject or approve an invoice for processing in the same email thread without needing to login.

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PO Matching Functionality

Our PO matching capabilities allow users to match the line items from the invoice to the items already listed in NetSuite. Invoice lines no longer require coding and when the invoice is posted back to your ERP system, it is linked to the PO.

Once the payment has been made, NetSuite’s record then closes automatically. Additionally, companies can choose to route or not route these invoices for approval depending on internal payment policies.

Regardless of your NetSuite environment, TotalAP is the only AP automation solution that provides multiple configuration options for managing integration at the account level, subsidiary level, or a mixed/multi-entity environment. Supported Sync features include:

  • Account, Subsidiary or Multi-entity Configuration Support
  • Multi-Currency Support for International Payments
  • Payment Account Integration
  • Custom Fields and Custom Segments
  • Automated PO Matching (Items and Expenses)
  • Credit application and Discounts
  • Expense allocations
  • Unlimited document syncing with PDF support
  • 2-Way Invoice Syncing
  • 2-Way Payment Authorization & Reconciliation

Learn More about MineralTree's integration with NetSuite in our specialized datasheet.

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How Does Automated Accounts Payable Work?

AP automation is the process of capturing invoice data, approving invoices, paying vendors, and executing payments in an automated manner. For AP teams interested in AP automation, partnering with a platform like MineralTree will make it easy. Setting up the platform does not require additional IT resources and can be done quickly. Additionally, our platform easily integrates with a range of ERP systems, including NetSuite.

Does Netsuite Have AP Automation?

NetSuite has tools and modules available to automate parts of the AP process. However, an end-to-end AP automation solution will enhance these capabilities, to further streamline your AP process, reduce errors, and provide greater visibility into invoice payments. MineralTree will integrate seamlessly, maintaining NetSuite as your accounting system of record while making the entire AP process more efficient.