What MineralTree means for your business

Our end-to-end AP automation digitizes and improves your AP process and delivers real results, helping you:

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You are no longer manually entering and coding invoices, or processing payments which means you have the time to add value where it is needed.

With enhanced security and two-factor authentication you’ll add a level of protection against unauthorized or fraudulent payments.

Greater control over your cash flow through a streamlined invoice process, reduced check usage, and prevention of incorrect payments.

Centralize all your data into one unified system with rigorous controls, and built-in tracking.

How We Connect

MineralTree connects with 100s of different ERP and Accounting Systems to most efficiently automate your AP process. With this connection, your data and information can reconcile between both platforms. Here are just a few of the many systems we support.

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How It Works

Our innovative, end-to-end solution automates your complete process, from invoice capture to payment.

Scan or send the invoice and get all critical info (header, line data) coded. Automatically.

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No more delays. Just simple online review and approvals from department heads and managers.

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Get the authorization you need, when you need it. All with quick, secure authorization and segregation of duties.

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Take advantage of rebates by making payments with our free virtual card—or pay using ACH or check.

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Become a Partner

Looking to bring powerful, high-value AP Automation to your clients? We partner with leading banks, accounting firms, IT consultants and more, expanding their suite of offerings with our invoice-to-pay solution.


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Meet Our Customers

Thousands of customers rely on MineralTree to process millions of invoices for billions of dollars.

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