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Whether you want to automate your whole invoice-to-pay process or simplify payments, we can help.

Need Accounts Payable automation?

Stop manually entering invoices, chasing approvals, waiting for authorizations, and tracking payments. MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay automates the entire invoice-to-payment process—and it works seamlessly with your existing accounting package. AP workflow steps are sync’d automatically, multilayer security means you’re guaranteed against fraud and moving spend onto credit cards earns you valuable rebates.


Need payment automation?

MineralTree FlexPay, an enterprise integrated payables product, streamlines the payment process by consolidating multiple payment types into a single electronic file. Designed for companies making 500-10,000+ payments per month, FlexPay works with any accounting system, improves cash management and reduces costs by optimizing the most efficient payment method.

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MineralTree Vendor Payment Automation Software In Use
mineraltree suite of software

Invoice-to-Pay workflow

Go from invoice to payment in 4 easy steps with MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay

Greater efficiency Reduced cost Less risk
mineraltree suite of software


Capture your accounts payable invoices painlessly – we do the information extraction for you!

Eliminate manual invoice entry Automate coding Simplify posting to your accounting package
mineraltree suite of software


Route your invoices for approval anywhere instantly

Use the workflows you already have in place Easy process via online review and approval Avoid delays with in-application tracking
mineraltree suite of software


Review and authorize (or schedule) bill payments immediately, even on your mobile device

Speed up payment approval process for busy executives Supports single or multiple authorizers Enhance security with segregation of duties
mineraltree suite of software


It’s your money, so the payment comes from you, not a third-party clearing account

Pay via check, ACH, virtual card, or your own corporate credit card Vendors receive payment with full remittance detail Automatic, bi-directional sync with your current accounting system Reduce risk of online account fraud

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Who uses MineralTree to automate bill payment with cloud-based AP?

You should, if you’re making 50 or more payments per month.

MineralTree invoice automation simplifies your current invoice processing workflow and controls, so you don’t have to change the way you work. And, it integrates seamlessly with your accounting system and bank.

Bi-directionally syncs with your accounting software & ERP

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