Cascade Senior Living Services

About Cascade Senior Living Services

As a healthcare management company, Cascade helps senior living centers by handling back-office burden so that employees can focus on what matters most–their residents. The Cascade mission aims to streamline areas of inefficiency while driving value across the business through existing resources.

The Challenge: Juggling the Inefficiencies

Cascade found themselves having to tackle multiple inefficiencies at once. Within accounts payable alone they were faced with a high volume of invoices processed through an old manual system as well as staff and facility managers in remote locations which was creating visibility issues. This led to more confusion, frustration, outstanding invoices, and—in some cases—invoices being paid twice. Cascade needed a solution that was going to improve the efficiency tied to their AP workload while also allowing them to put a process in place that could scale with growth.


The Solution: Implementing MineralTree

Cascade implemented an end-to-end AP Automation solution to centralize processes, increase efficiency and drive costs down. As an added level of comfort, Cascade recognized that MineralTree has deep experience working with similar healthcare facilities. “Implementing MineralTree was easy,” said Chad Solvie, President of Cascade, “we had the solution up and running inside of a month and we were running at a functional level within 45 days. And nearly immediately the chaos was removed from the equation.”



Key Benefits the Cascade Finance Team is Experiencing with AP Automation

In addition, the automated process has become a much smoother experience with greater accuracy and efficiency that extends beyond the finance team. Whether it is the dining facilities team or the events and activities coordinator, the department heads are now equipped with a much simpler process.

“It is amazing. The invoices now arrive online, are coded to the correct department and ready for approval and payment,” said Dion Clarke, Director of Dining Services, Cascade Park Communities. “I just click approve and done deal. I’m loving it.”

In addition to all of the efficiency improvements, Cascade experienced an ROI only a few short months after they were operating with MineralTree. Now staff can focus on caring for their residents and worrying less about one of the back office administrative tasks that weighed them down.


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