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Why Use Electronic Payments?

Electronic payments dominate our personal lives, yet most finance professionals rely on manual paper processes in the workplace due to lack of awareness or accessibility. To help finance professionals understand the many payment options available to them today, we created the above infographic, Why Use Electronic Payments?

Our new infographic illustrates the different methods of electronic payments available to your business, how they work, and the cost, risk, and speed associated with each method.

Today, over half of MineralTree customers use electronic payment methods and have made more than 74,000 electronic payments to date. To see what electronic payment methods MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay supports, download the complete infographic online here.

Electronic Payments Full Infographic

Want to learn more about electronic payments? Visit us online to download our white paper Payments 101: Electronic Payments or watch our webinar The Advantages that Electronic Payments Bring to Your Business.

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