The Advantages of Electronic Payments

Missed last week’s webinar on “The Advantages that Electronic Payments Bring to Your Business?” Lucky for you, we skimmed the most important takeaways; take a look below.

  • Paper checks dominate business practices. Large businesses make half their payments via paper checks, while small businesses make 80 to 90 percent of their payments via paper checks! Saying goodbye to signing checks and manually stuffing envelopes, means saying hello to more time to devote to business priorities.
  • Electronic payments are much more efficient and safe. Automated processes provide greater control over outgoing cash flow compared to tedious, error-prone manual processes.
  • The average person saves an hour a day by automating their accounts payable process. That means, by automating your accounts payable, you can save up to 20 hours a month to do things other than stuff envelopes and run around the office for approvals.

If spending up to ten full workdays a year on antiquated accounts payable doesn’t convince you it’s time to switch to an automated process, then watch the webinar (below) to learn even more advantages of electronic payments.


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