Quarantine Makes for Many New Hobbies

August marks five months since we started quarantining at home. The stay-at-home orders meant that many of us had to rethink how we would continue to incorporate some of our favorite activities, such as working out or fine dining, in our daily lives. Maybe staying at home meant that you now had the time for hobbies you never had time for before. Whatever the case may be during this stressful and uncertain time, taking up different hobbies, or exploring new activities have become invaluable ways to relieve stress and take care of our mental health.

Man Baking CookiesSome folks started to follow trends like baking. People tried all sorts of goodies, including but not limited to banana bread, artisan bread, cakes, brownies, croissants, and more. This contributed to the flour and yeast shortage at the start of quarantine. Other folks started something they’d been putting off for some time, such as learning how to play a new instrument or home improvement projects. Many looked to make a lifestyle change and started meditating, doing yoga, or hiking. Interest in outdoor activities particularly increased and parks became crowded with people biking, roller skating, running, walking, and enjoying other outdoor activities. It even became impossible to buy bicycles in many cities because they sold out everywhere.

As you explored new hobbies, perhaps you learned that these new activities weren’t for you and moved onto the next, or perhaps you found something that you’ll be continuing to enjoy long after the pandemic subsides.

When surveying our own office, some new hobbies and activities folks have tried (besides ones already mentioned) included growing indoor plants, spin-biking, growing vegetables, restoring vintage cast iron pans, organizing, boating, and learning how to tie knots. It’s truly incredible how much information is available to us in this digital age– we are able to learn about/how to do almost anything by doing a simple search on Google.

The effects of coronavirus have also caused many people’s work life to merge with their home life, which can be exhausting. Taking intentional time alone and continuing to do things we genuinely enjoy is one of the best ways to take care of ourselves.


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