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rapidly changing landscape

March 24, 2020

Helping AP Teams Navigate today’s rapidly changing landscape

It clearly has been an unprecedented and unsettling past two weeks.  Amidst all of the recent chaos, the one thing that has become apparent is the need for community. Communities take many different forms, but the community we have been […]

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Transition Checklist

February 5, 2019

AP Automation Transition Checklist

Planning to invest in AP Automation? Follow these tips and guidelines to ensure a smooth transition and an optimal ROI for your organization.

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four things your ap automation solution should do

February 1, 2019

Four Things That Your AP Automation Solution Should Do

If you’re looking for an optimal ROI in automated accounts payable, here are four things that your AP Automation solution should be able to do.

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key consideration when investing in ap automation

January 25, 2019

Key Considerations When Investing in AP Automation: End-to-End vs. Point Solutions

In the process of evaluating vendors for AP automation solutions, you will find that solutions fall into two major categories: End-to-End Solutions and Point Solutions.

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Mastercard and MineralTree partnership

January 18, 2019

How MineralTree’s Integration With Mastercard In Control is Creating a Tipping Point for AP Automation

MineralTree’s integration with Mastercard has solidified the notion that accounts payable in the middle market is finally getting an update.

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manual versus automated accounts payable

January 17, 2019

Manual vs. Automated Accounts Payable

The difference between manual and automated accounts payable is stark. Yet, many businesses haven’t fully realized to what extent this is true.

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virtual cars are changing accounts payable

January 11, 2019

Here’s How Virtual Cards are Changing Accounts Payable

Virtual cards are raising the bar for what it means to securely process payments, and simultaneously creating new efficiencies.

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Meeta Mathur

January 4, 2019

MineralTree Employee Spotlight: Meeta Mathur, VP Experience Design

Get to know VP Experience Design Meeta Mathur through MineralTree’s monthly showcase of employees and their interests both in and outside of work.

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three things to consider before choosing

December 27, 2018

3 Things to Consider Before Choosing an Automated Accounts Payable Solution

As you research possible solutions, here are three things to know that will help you fully realize all the benefits you stand to gain from your investment in AP Automation.

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common fraud schemes ap teams should know about

December 20, 2018

Common Payment Fraud Schemes Every AP Team Should Know About

In accounts payable, knowing common fraud schemes that are confronting your vendor payment process is the power to prevent the scheme from occurring. There are several key concepts for you to understand in order to have this power.

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