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Proving the ROI in Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

savrEarlier this week we hosted a webinar around proving the ROI in Accounts Payable (AP) automation. During the webinar we asked the audience, “What is the biggest obstacle between you and automation?” A majority (61 percent) of the people polled, reported it was unclear to them how automation would impact their existing procedures.

This number shouldn’t come as a surprise since AP teams continue to manually input invoices, route for approvals, chase down payment authorization and print checks that require a signature.

Despite an overreliance on manual AP processes, the webinar was very well attended, which tells us that accounting and finance professionals are eager to learn about AP automation. From there the questions become, is it worth automating? Is there any value and if so, what is the ROI?

Our webinar, “Proving the ROI in Accounts Payable Automation,” explores:

  • What your manual Accounts Payable process is costing you
  • How to calculate the cost savings from automation
  • How to get immediate value
  • What a fully automated Accounts Payable process looks like

You can view the on-demand webinar online at:

Request a personalized ROI assessment today, and schedule a 10 minute demo with us!

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