New Functionality: PO Matching For NetSuite

You’ve asked, we’ve answered! We’re excited to share our newly released functionality: PO matching functionality for NetSuite.

PO matching for NetSuite allows a company to send all invoices, derived from POs or not, through the same invoice capture process. When PO-based invoices are captured, users have the ability to match the capture invoice line items to line items on POs that were entered in NetSuite.

This accomplishes two things:

  1. No more coding invoice lines since the coding from the PO is copied to the invoice once they’re linked
  2. When the invoice is posted back to NetSuite, it’s linked to the PO. Once a PO has been fully billed, the record in NetSuite is closed (just as if the process had been followed entirely in NetSuite).

Depending on company’s policies, users have the ability to route (or not route) invoices derived from POs for approval.


NetSuite PO Matching Product Screenshot 2

NetSuite PO Matching Product Screenshot 1


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