MineralTree - AP and Payment Automation

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Immediate ROI with no hidden costs or complicated fee structures.


Advanced security features and fraud protection of $100,000 per year.


Refreshingly simple business payments built for how you work.

Can a business payments solution
actually make your company money?

A single invoice or payment costs you over $10 to process manually.
Are you ready for an affordable solution to those processing costs?

It’s starting to feel like there are
more hackers than bankers out there.

Businesses are ripe targets for cybercriminals who want to take over
your corporate account and drain your bank account. Are you prepared?

Businesses are highly vulnerable to online account takeover and other forms of fraud, therefore every aspect of MineralTree is built with security in mind, not as a secondary add-on. We deliver no-excuses security as part of our business DNA, utilizing the most advanced security methods available today. By syncing directly with your bank, we provide the ultimate defense against internal and online fraud. We even guarantee it, with account protection of $100,000 per year.
Designed by leading innovators in the fields of online account takeover protection and fraud prevention, we offer the most secure business payments available. With MineralTree, you’re protected.

We transform the business payments process:
simple, efficient – and yes, almost fun!

Want to take the pain out of payments? Ready to write your last paper check? 

Traditional AP can be a real chore, from processing invoices to printing checks. But it doesn’t have to be.
You can approve, reject, or hold payments from anywhere, and you can STOP writing checks, all with our extremely intuitive interface. Our automated process takes the struggle out of your daily AP operation. And that’s delightful.