MineralTree - AP and Payment Automation

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Simple payments built for real business needs.


Secure payments made via your bank and guaranteed against fraud.


Approve payments anywhere with our iPad app.

Simplify Business Payments

MineralTree Secure Business Pay™ makes payments easy with 2 way synchronization with your ERP system and business bank account in one simple interface.

Guaranteed Secure Payments

MineralTree syncs with your business bank account and works directly with your bank to ensure ultimate security every step of the way.

Designed by leading innovators in the fields of online account takeover protection and fraud prevention, MineralTree Secure Business Pay offers the most secure business payments available. With businesses being highly vulnerable to online account takeover and other forms of fraud, every aspect of  MineralTree Secure Business Pay is built with security in mind. 

Approve Payments on the Go

With MineralTree Secure Business Pay, you don’t always have to be chained to your desk. 

Stop digging through stacks of paper for your next check run. With MineralTree Secure Business Pay, you can approve, reject, and hold payments from absolutely anywhere.