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Make payments for free and earn rebates with MineralTree's virtual card payment option

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What is SilverPay?

SilverPay is MineralTree’s free, secure virtual card payment method that enables you to create a revenue stream simply by paying your vendors.

A virtual card is a randomly-generated 16-digit number, or “token,” that can only be charged one time for a specified amount. Virtual cards are delivered to your vendors via email, and are processed just like a credit card. SilverPay is the fastest way to pay your vendors, with delivery to your vendor’s inbox within hours of approval.

By choosing SilverPay, you are taking advantage of a payment method that is faster than ACH, more secure than check, and fits seamlessly into your current workflow.

The Benefits

Making payments with MineralTree's virtual card option, SilverPay, provides many benefits both to you and your vendors.



Submit all payments in MineralTree, reconcile all payments on your bank statement


Your bank information is your business–keep it private with one-time use, fixed-amount payment tokens

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Optimized Cash Flow

Make payments for free and earn cash-back, all while managing your working capital

Download our informational PDF on SilverPay to learn more.

How do I know which vendors I can pay with SilverPay?

We contact each of your vendors on your behalf to determine whether they are willing to accept virtual cards for invoice payments, and we enable SilverPay as the default payment method for all accepting vendors.

What information does my vendor receive with each payment?

Your vendor will receive the invoice details associated with the payment as well as all the information necessary to process the payment: a randomly-generated 16-digit card number, expiration date, CVV, and your billing address.

How do I know my vendor received their payment?

When your vendor processes the SilverPay virtual card, our software automatically debits the funds from your bank account. This leaves you confident the vendor received the funds and makes reconciliation from your bank statements a breeze.

What are the costs associated with SilverPay?

SilverPay is completely free to our customers, and in fact, you earn a cash-back rebate with every SilverPay payment you make.

How do I get started?

Fill out the contact form below and we will reach out to you shortly.

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