MineralTree for Banks

Cash Management Solutions for your mid-market commercial clients that earn you non-interest fee income

Consumer-oriented bill pay tools don’t offer the security and transaction detail businesses need, and enterprise-level solutions are too complex and expensive for growing, mid-market businesses.

This gap creates an opportunity for your financial institution to increase non-interest fee income by offering MineralTree invoice-to-payment services to your business clients. It also allows you to grow interchange revenue as more vendor payments move onto commercial cards.

Business clients are waiting for an easy-to-use solution that can handle their invoice-payment workflow, integrate with their accounting software, and automate the whole process in a way that is efficient and secure.

Banks that partner with MineralTree offer their business customers powerful, differentiating online invoice payment solutions. With AP Automation and Integrated Payables, businesses receive the simple, easy-to-use, secure, automated invoice-to-payment capabilities they want.

MineralTree provides banks with cash management for mid-market companies that match the specific workflow and payment needs of your business banking clients. Earn non-interest fee income and deepen your relationship with customers as they grow.

MineralTree Cash Management for mid-market companies, provides a fantastic opportunity for you!

  • Grow non-interest and interchange income
  • Convert check-based business payments to commercial card payments
  • Connect more deeply with business clients, boosting loyalty and retention
  • Brand MineralTree B2B Payment Solutions as offerings from your financial institution
  • Become an even more valued partner with your commercial business clients
  • Provide guarantees against online payment fraud

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