3 Ways Healthcare Payment Automation Reduces Costs and Relieves Back-Office Headaches


Balancing rising healthcare costs with reduced revenue and ever-tightening margins is a tightrope walk that you, along with most healthcare providers, are likely struggling with, day in, day out. With the growing cost of providing advanced medical treatments and expert patient care, the pressure is continuing to mount on healthcare organizations to cut costs without impacting services. That’s a very tall order. In fact, 83% of healthcare CFOs report that cost reduction has become an increased strategic priority this year, according to a Deloitte survey.


Fortunately, healthcare providers can find the solution to cost reduction in an often-overlooked place: payment and Accounts Payable operations – where most healthcare accounting teams are still burdened by costly, time-consuming and inefficient manual methods.


In this eBook, you’ll discover the automated payment cure: how you can significantly reduce payment costs – and even make money; protect your organization from threats; keep suppliers happy; and empower your team to work faster and smarter. Along the way, you’ll also see how you can extend these practices beyond payments to gain benefits in end to-end AP automation as well, covering the entire invoice-to-pay process.