Why Automating AP is a Win-Win for Your Practice and Your Suppliers


The pandemic has been eye-opening in many ways, perhaps none more so than revealing just how critical suppliers are to medical groups. In MineralTree’s 2022 State of AP survey, 75% of healthcare organizations said their supplier relationships were more strategically important than a year ago. Yet, far too many practices still rely on manual processes and paper checks, resulting in high costs and inefficiencies, late payments, and a suboptimal supplier experience.

Join this webinar to discover how automating Accounts Payable can deliver substantial internal benefits while strengthening your supplier relationships. Gain insight into how the combination of workflow automation and digital payment optimization helps reduce costs, protect against fraud, and even generate cash for your practices. At the same time, see how this approach improves the supplier experience through timely payments, enhanced remittance, and deeper insights.

Attendees will learn:

  • How end-to-end automation accelerates AP processing by 80%, allowing medical groups to consistently pay suppliers on time and capture available discounts
  • How to maximize the benefits of electronic payments (e.g., savings, security, and rebates) to your practice while accommodating supplier preferences
  • Real-world examples of medical groups realizing significant value from AP automation and payment optimization