How Virtual Cards are Revolutionizing the AP Process

Webinar Overview

While it is no surprise that Accounts Receivables gets the lion share of credit when it comes to cashflow, to many it is a surprise that their Payables are where they can make the most significant and immediate impact.

Virtual Cards (VC) are quickly becoming the electronic payment method of choice, and for very good reason. As the world moves toward digitization, VCs check all the boxes – streamlining processes, providing superior control over cash flows, and vastly improved security against fraud. And perhaps more importantly, by adopting VC payments, businesses can monetize their Payables, and create a significant new revenue stream.

Join us as we discuss how modern Finance Organizations have leveraged VCs to generate cash, offset costs, increase control and visibility into cashflow management, and deliver game changing results for the Finance Organization, and the company as a whole:

  • How VCs streamline the digital AP process
  • Integrating Virtual Cards into your AP mix – it’s easier than you think
  • Creating an AP revenue stream through rebates, discounts, and interest
  • How security drives Virtual Card use