2023 State of AP Insiders


Businesses continue to face issues related to an uncertain economy, ongoing supply chain disruptions, and staffing challenges that are forcing finance teams to find new ways to improve operating efficiencies and cash flow management. This year’s eighth annual survey looks at the business’s progress in modernizing back-office processes post-pandemic and the impact of macro challenges through the lenses of over 800 buyers and 200 suppliers.

Tune into this exclusive deep dive into the 2023 State of AP Report to explore these issues, dig into the key themes highlighted in this year’s findings, and hear from our experts as they share what the future of AP and digitization looks like in years ahead.

Key Themes Include:

  • Recessionary headwinds and rising costs pressuring AP teams to do more with less
  • The impact of continued remote work for AP teams
  • Vendor relationships’ growing role in the adoption of AP automation
  • ePayment growth trends
  • AP automation’s critical value to the business