From Cost Reduction to Cash Generation: Why Automating AP Should Be Your Top Priority


Struggling to balance rising costs with ever-tightening margins, financial leaders at medical groups face mounting pressure to cut back-office costs without impacting services. Of all the potential projects that align with this strategic priority, perhaps the most crucial—and yet, chronically overlooked—is Accounts Payable (AP). Far too many providers are still bogged down by costly, time-consuming processes like manually processing invoices and paper checks.

Join this webinar to discover how automating AP can deliver a quick win against your cost cutting goals. Gain insight into how the combination of automation and digital payments help reduce costs and even generate cash for your business, delivering positive ROI in as little as 1-2 months. In the process, learn how you can mitigate fraud, keep suppliers happy, and empower your team to work smarter.

Attendees will learn:

• How to identify inefficiencies and calculate the true cost of manual AP processes
• Best practices for realizing quick wins and minimizing change management
• Real-world examples of medical groups realizing significant ROI from AP automation