Building the Modern Finance Function Through Digital Transformation

Webinar Overview

The pandemic’s impact on business practices was nothing short of an enlightenment: before the “work from home” phenomenon, progressive finance leaders were already adopting new practices and technologies to keep pace with the growing demands on the finance organization. But what about the rest of us? How can we learn from all this – and what does it mean for the future?
On Wednesday, July 29th we presented four visionary finance leaders, discussing the rapid evolution of the finance function, the necessity to digitize, and best practices for building a leading finance organization.

  • Evolution of the Finance Function: Champions of Change
  • Why technology is critical: Doing “more with less”
  • Starting with the foundation: NetSuite and the cloud-based ERP
  • Identifying the building blocks: Tapping into complimentary digitization opportunities
  •  Why Security has never been more important


Chris Sands, CFO MineralTree
Mark Disiena, CFO Titanium Healthcare
Kevin Durkin, CFO Threat Stack
Bernardo Encisio, Managing Director, SquareWorks