BrightView Health Supports Rapid Business Growth With MineralTree

About BrightView Health

BrightView Health provides outpatient medication-assisted treatment in Ohio and Kentucky to help patients access effective treatment and support without uprooting their entire life or livelihood. Above all else, BrightView believes that anyone can achieve lifelong recovery with the help of its outpatient programs.

BrightView is committed to delivering effective addiction treatment that gives patients a chance to recover in a place where they are welcomed, encouraged, and respected. The company achieves this vision by personalizing its treatment programs to each individual patient and treating both the disease of addiction and the person suffering from it.

A Manual AP Process Threatens Business Growth

BrightView Health has experienced significant growth, expanding from four treatment centers to more than 30 in just two years. This impressive growth is perfectly aligned with BrightView’s corporate goal, which is to help as many patients as possible. Yet, as is usually the case, the company has experienced a few growing pains along the way, including with its finance and accounts payable processes.

When Controller Matt Santell joined BrightView two years ago, he redesigned the accounting structure from the ground up to support the company’s rapid growth. His first priority was to move the company’s ERP system to the cloud by implementing Sage Intacct. With that solid financial backbone in place, Santell next set his sights on improving BrightView’s AP process.

“When I joined BrightView, our AP process was completely manual,” Santell explained. “We relied on a batch process where one employee manually entered invoice data, compiled 10-30 invoices into a single PDF, and then updated a spreadsheet to help find a specific invoice in those huge files.”

At that time, approximately 65-80% of BrightView’s invoices were still being delivered by mail. This meant someone had to scan them and manually enter line-level detail into the accounting system, an effort that Santell estimated took between five and seven minutes per invoice. The approval process was challenging, too. Invoices were emailed to managers at various centers, which was timing consuming and could lead to delays or missed payments.

While BrightView was to process approximately 3,000 invoices a year using its manual AP process, the company’s growth had increased this number to more than 10,000—an unsustainable volume going forward. “In order to scale the business, I knew we needed an automated AP solution,” said Santell.

“Thanks to the efficiency gained by using MineralTree, I can process approximately 150 invoices per day. MineralTree is also very good at catching duplicate information, which saves me time and eliminates headaches.”

-Erik Arwood, Accounts Payable Accountant

The Decision to Go with MineralTree Pays Off

BrightView selected MineralTree, in part because of Santell’s past experience with it. What really impressed him was MineralTree’s overall ease of use and how simple it would be for field-based doctors, nurses, operations directors, and other employees to approve invoices. MineralTree’s proven integration with Sage Intacct was the final benefit that sealed the deal.

Now with MineralTree, the team has embraced a more automated approach to invoice management and approvals. MineralTree’s invoice capture capability uses optical character recognition (OCR) in conjunction with human review to accurately capture important data from each invoice, even those with many different line items. Erik Arwood, BrightView’s Accounts Payable Accountant, has been impressed with this feature—and the benefits it has delivered. “It has been astonishing to see just how accurate MineralTree is at capturing the right data,” he said.

Together, MineralTree’s invoice capture and AP automation functionality helped Arwood significantly reduce the time he used to spend on quality assurance—and more time on the invoices themselves. “Thanks to the efficiency gained by using MineralTree, I can process approximately 150 invoices per day,” he said. “MineralTree is also very good at catching duplicate information, which saves me time and eliminates headaches from dealing with issues.”

A Payables Process Measured in Minutes

With MineralTree, BrightView’s entire AP process is much faster—“mere minutes,” according to Santell. “All of the invoice data is one place, so we don’t have to look for it anymore,” he said. “We have a standing meeting with the CFO to review each week’s payables. It’s so easy to review and this new approach has improved our ability to do long-term planning.”

Not only does this help the speed of each week’s AP run and improve employees’ productivity, but it has also streamlined the effort related to BrightView’s audits. “We used MineralTree to prepare for our most recent audit and it probably only took 20-30 minutes,” said Santell. “This would have taken us several hours in the past.”

“We used MineralTree to prepare for our most recent audit and it probably only took 20-30 minutes. This would have taken us several hours in the past.”

-Matt Santell, Controller

SilverPay Becomes More than a Silver Lining

A key component of BrightView’s payment mix is SilverPay, MineralTree’s virtual card payment option. Using SilverPay, BrightView earns cash-back rebates for making virtual card payments. “We were making these payments anyway, so the fact that MineralTree helps us generate a new revenue stream from them is a huge win. It’s been great for the accounting team to show that we’re not just a cost center—now we’re able to contribute to the company’s financial success, too.”

Another benefit of SilverPay now has much better control over its outgoing cash. Santell is able precisely time payments to hold onto cash as long as possible while still paying suppliers within their terms. In fact, Santell notes that many suppliers have been willing to accept the virtual card option in order to get paid faster.

A Stable Solution for Company Growth

While MineralTree has helped save time, increase efficiency, and even generate new revenues, perhaps its biggest benefit is how it has supported BrightView’s growth. “We’ve grown from four centers to more than 30 and from 3,000 invoices a year to more than 10,000—all in just two short years and without growing our team,” said Santell. “There is no chance that we could do all of this without MineralTree.”

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