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EO Products

“I’m spending 50% less time than I’ve previously spent getting invoices uploaded and coded into NetSuite. This process used to consume eight hours of my week every week, and now it’s down to four.”

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icon-the-solutionEO Products represents a rare phenomenon in today’s globalized marketplace: an independently-owned natural body care company. What started out as a three-gallon stockpot experiment in a San Francisco garage has grown to a 45,000-square-foot facility that supplies the nation’s leading distributors, such as Whole Foods Market. While there was no roadmap in the beginning, the company has looked to its cornerstone beliefs of transparency, originality, poise, relatedness, imagination, and journey at every step. These values represent True North for EO Products, and are behind the day-to-day operations of all employees. One group of employees that have embodied these values especially well is the finance team, which has successfully transformed its accounts payable process with AP Automation.

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