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October 18, 2018

Four Ways Automating Accounts Payable Increases Command Over Cash Flow

Most businesses still haven’t even realized it, but paying the bills on time is now table stakes. AP teams are currently looking at bigger opportunities that involve moving their entire company forward.

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three ways automation mitigates

October 12, 2018

Three Ways AP Automation Will Mitigate Your Risk of Payments Fraud

Automating accounts payable gives accounting teams simplicity and security by building payment controls into the process of paying vendor invoice every day.

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October 5, 2018

MineralTree Employee Spotlight: Sera Chowdhury, Senior Account Executive

Get to know Senior Account Executive Sera Chowdhury through MineralTree’s monthly showcase of employees and their interests both in and outside of work.

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tracking team performance

September 28, 2018

Tracking Team Performance – Keystone Habits for Financial Controllers

While successfully meeting deadlines for invoices is important, there is so much opportunity to improve your business through accounts payable efficiency.

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controller identifies opportunity

September 21, 2018

Identifying Opportunities for Operational Improvement – Keystone Habits for Financial Controllers

Many of the everyday-accounting processes today are outdated, representing low-hanging fruit for financial controllers to drive operational efficiency.

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andrew waters

September 12, 2018

MineralTree Employee Spotlight: Andrew Waters, Senior Product Manager

Get to know the Senior Product Manager Andrew Waters through MineralTree’s monthly showcase of employees and their interests both in and outside of work.

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tesla managing cash with supplier negotiations

September 7, 2018

Cash is King: A Lesson in Tesla’s Face-Off with Suppliers

There is tremendous upside that comes with a well-thought-out cost and cash management strategy. Tesla is demonstrating this right now.

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financial controller using payment controls

August 31, 2018

Building Payment Controls into Accounts Payable – Keystone Habits for Financial Controllers

While executing the accounts payable process efficiently is key, controllers must ensure that company financial information is protected at every step.

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controller leading month end close

August 24, 2018

Performing a Swift and Accurate Month End Close – Keystone Habits for Financial Controllers

Your accounting team’s month end close is the lifeblood of every growing business’ operational success. It drives key decision making across the business.

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accountex 2018

August 17, 2018

What to Expect at Accountex 2018

Whether you’re working for a CPA firm or you’re team member in your company’s finance department, Accountex has something to offer.

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caution when proceeding

August 10, 2018

Three Pitfalls to Avoid When Transitioning to Automated Accounts Payable

Many businesses are adopting cloud-based ERP technology, and also recognizing the prime opportunity that this move creates to automate accounts payable.

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employee working on automation project

August 3, 2018

3 Manual Tasks Every Accounts Payable Team Should Automate

Accounts payable plays a crucial role in business operations in ways many companies are only just starting to realize. We all know that this job function is what keep the lights on in your office, but it also has a direct impact on cash flow management, security against fraud, and vendor relationships across the company.

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ap automation reaches new heights

July 24, 2018

MineralTree Elevates Accounts Payable Automation to New Heights with Latest Round of Enhancements

MineralTree has taken another step forward in its mission to attack inefficiencies in everyday accounts payable with its latest round of enhancements.

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dominos falling

July 20, 2018

Proactive vs. Reactive Accounts Payable: Understanding the Difference

The odyssey that every invoice must travel, from the time of receipt to payment, has kept accounts payable teams on their heels for as long as businesses have been paying vendors.

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ap team putting together nacha file

July 13, 2018

NACHA File Format: What Accounts Payable Teams Actually Need to Know

While paying vendor invoices is the aim of accounts payable, there is a whole host of benefits businesses can gain by taking a strategic approach to the way they go about this. Failing to capitalize on these benefits equates to missed opportunities for your business.

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