AP Automation for NetSuite

MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay dramatically enhances NetSuite’s capabilities and gives you additional features — like purchase order (PO) matching and advanced invoice and AP payment processing.

You continue using NetSuite as you’re used to, except now you’ll get automated invoice capture, advanced approval workflow capabilities, purchase order match and payment execution directly from your business bank account.

And, MineralTree’s AP Automation for NetSuite features a real-time, two-way sync –  all of your invoice, payment, and vendor information is always up-to-date.

NetSuite + MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay lets you:

Support single- and multi-subsidiary set-ups

Match captured invoices with corresponding purchase orders

Even store unlimited documents (with no document storage limits) – and search within them, quickly and easily

Benefit from better segregation of duties and a clear workflow

Authorize and send payments via a standardized process, rather than following a different workflow for check, ACH payments, virtual card or corporate credit card payments

Get new security features, including two-factor verification codes, Positive Pay, and $100,000 annual payment protection with MineralTree SilverGuard

Initiate robust invoice approval workflows –  and approvers don’t require NetSuite licenses

NetSuite integration FAQs

First, does MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay support NetSuite OneWorld?

Yes.  NetSuite users can sync all or some of their subsidiaries to a MineralTree company and retain the ability to issue payments on behalf of individual subsidiaries.

Does MineralTree support purchase order (PO) matching in NetSuite?

Yes, with MineralTree you link captured invoices to the corresponding NetSuite POs.  Therefore, PO statuses are correctly updated when you receive invoices against them.

So, do I enter invoices in MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay or in NetSuite?

For convenience and flexibility, you can enter them in either solution.

And, can expense reports be paid in MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay?

Yes, expense reports will sync from NetSuite to MineralTree.  As a result, they can be paid just like bills.

Will Purchase Orders sync from NetSuite to MineralTree?

Yes.  Create a bill from a PO in NetSuite and then that bill will sync to MineralTree as a payable.

Finally, will MineralTree users require NetSuite licenses?

No.  First, one admin user initiates the sync with MineralTree. And then, you’re allowed unlimited MineralTree users.

Three big reasons

  1. First, automated invoice capture links the invoice directly to the corresponding purchase order in NetSuite
  2. And, you approve and send all payment types including check, ACH, virtual card or corporate credit card payments, without  needing manual file transfers or printing checks
  3. Finally, MineralTree AP Automation for NetSuite features bi-directional synchronization of all invoice, payment and vendor information, keeping NetSuite your system of record

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