Leveraging AP Automation to Support Biotech Growth


With biotech’s heavy investment in R&D, Accounts Payable (AP) and other back-office functions typically take a back seat and are expected to do more with less. Despite a lean team and limited budget, finance departments are expected to control supply chain waste, run efficiently, and pay suppliers on time, so goods can keep flowing.

While that’s a tall order, imagine if you could meet these demands and not only cut costs, but actually make money for your company. And, on top of that, have the visibility to better manage payments and cash flow more strategically.

It’s not only possible, but savvy biotech finance teams are already doing this today. In this eBook, you’ll discover how payment automation not only can help you find savings and efficiencies – but a new source of revenue as well – to support the overall business. And you’ll learn how you can scale operations – even with a lean team – to service a growing business.