Ariett and MineralTree Partner to Provide Integrated Procure-to-Pay Automation Solution

Ariett Will Integrate Directly with the MineralTree Payment Platform to Provide Customers with Automated Payment Processing


Pembroke, Mass., July 20, 2016

Ariett, a leading provider of Cloud Purchase and Expense software, and MineralTree, a leader in invoice to pay software, announced a strategic partnership to offer payment processing within the Ariett application suite delivered through MineralTree’s payment processing platform. Ariett’s existing and new customers gain a complete purchase to payment solution improving control, visibility and further simplifying the accounts payable process.

“The automation of payment processing is swiftly moving from the backend ERP accounting systems into software solutions focused on cost-savings, control and efficiency in processing accounts payable and procurement across the organization,” said Glenn Brodie, President of Ariett. “MineralTree’s multi-channel payment platform offers a strong foundation for secure payment verification as an integrated component of Ariett’s complete procure-to-pay application.”

George Linville, Market Advisor at PayStream Advisors noted, “PayStream believes that Purchase-to-Pay software adoption in the middle market depends on a solution being flexible, affordable, and reliable. In our experience with Ariett and MineralTree, we have found them to be very accommodating to the needs of mid-market companies—both in terms of product offerings and connectivity with their clients’ existing business and system needs. The holistic integration of purchasing and payables this partnership puts in place will greatly benefit current and future customers.”

The partnership will allow Ariett’s customers to complete all payment processing steps in a seamless application experience. MineralTree’s Positive Pay integration and fraud protection provide the financial guarantees that Ariett customers require. Ariett customers and their vendors will gain an end-to-end view of all of their expense transactions from requisitions, to cXML PunchOut, to purchase orders, to invoices, to expense reports, to payments with electronic documents and approval audit trail all on one platform.

MineralTree President and CEO BC Krishna said, “MineralTree is pleased to partner with Ariett to provide our innovative payments platform that enables multiple payment methods, including virtual cards, and is guaranteed secure. Both companies have strong customer success records, and value innovation that our customers depend on.”

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Ariett is a leading provider of Cloud Purchase and Expense software that generates savings on every contract, requisition, invoice and expense report with a modern, unified procurement platform. Ariett is designed for employees to quickly and easily generate requisitions, manage preferred vendors, capture documents, check budget availability, track contracts, and process transactions with a flexible workflow. For more information, please visit

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MineralTree provides the easiest to use Accounts Payable (AP) and Payment Automation solutions for finance professionals at growing organizations. MineralTree streamlines AP, giving customers unparalleled visibility and significant cost savings in an affordable, integrated platform that is guaranteed secure.