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Feb 20
Segregation of Duties (SoD) Concepts by CPA Academy

Segregation of duties is a basic, key internal control and one of the most difficult to achieve. It is used to ensure that errors or irregularities are prevented or detected on a timely basis by employees in the normal course of business. Segregation of duties provides two benefits: 1) a deliberate fraud is more difficult because it requires collusion of two or more persons, and 2) it is much more likely that innocent errors will be found.   At the most basic level, it means that no single individual should have control over two or more phases of a transaction or operation. This webinar will explore specific concepts, examples and applications of the segregation of duties control at the corporate level and will use the accounts payable (AP) process as an example.      

Why should you attend this webinar?    

  • Identify the four types of SoD conflicts at the corporate level
  • Obtain examples of SoD controls at the corporate level and for the AP process
  • Recognize SoD conflicts that can exist within the AP process at the transaction and system level
  • Obtain specific examples of compensating controls for the AP process
  • Identify the components of a SoD policy
  • Introduction to the Segregation of Duties (SoD) Controls
  • Defining SoD Conflicts
    • Corporate Level
    • AP Process Level
  • When to Consider Compensating Controls
  • The Specifics of a SoD Policy
  • Case Study
  • Q&A

Feb 25
How to Optimize Payments for Growth in 2020 by IOFM

rocessing invoices and paying vendors can often be the most cumbersome and arduous function of any finance department in the middle-market. In recent years, growing companies have begun to leverage technology to streamline these processes and alleviate the pain within the payables process. However, despite the proliferation of automated solutions, many businesses in the middle-market still fail to take full advantage of the payment optimization opportunities afforded by these very technologies.
In this 60-minute session, attendees will:

  • Examine the short-comings and risks associated with paper checks
  • Learn basic payment strategies and best practices
  • Understand the benefits payment optimization has across the organization
  • See why a full, end-to-end AP automation technology is a key foundational driver for best-in-class organizations

Mar 17
MineralTree: Live Product Tour (Rebroadcast)

In this 45-minute rebroadcast of our live product tour, we take you on a live product tour of MineralTree. Follow the life of a bill from receipt to payment. 

Nicholas Kidd, a MineralTree AP Automation Expert, will present the session.    
During the webinar we will review:

  • Invoice Capture: How invoice information is automatically extracted from paper and electronic invoices and coded at 99.5% accuracy
  • Invoice Approval: How uploaded invoices are automatically routed to departments for online approval
  • Payment Authorization: How businesses can employ the use of important payment controls: segregation of duties, dual factor authentication, and dual approvals for payments above certain thresholds
  • Payment Execution: How MineralTree executes payments on behalf of customers using their choice of payment methods with all electronic remittance details are sent to vendors

Apr 19
NACHA Payments 2020

April 19-22, Washington, D.C. Disruptive ideas empowering solutions. The Payments conference is an annual experience where new and seasoned professionals come to learn and engage in conversations about the latest trends in the industry, and shape the future of the industry. Experience eight educational session tracks, explore a dynamic exhibit hall featuring trending solution providers, and enjoy a variety of networking events.

Apr 20
SuiteWorld 2020

April 20-23, Las Vegas, NV SuiteWorld, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2020, is Oracle NetSuite’s annual conference for the NetSuite community. Over four energy-packed days, NetSuite customers, partners, and developers gather together to make new connections, exchange ideas, and learn how to unlock the power of their NetSuite investment.

Apr 28
How to Prevent Fraud with AP Automation by CPA Academy

AP automation is a term used to describe the ongoing effort of many companies to streamline the business process of their Accounts Payable processes. Since AP has several different components, there can be an added level of complexity as to what to automate and where to start the automation process.

As many leading companies implement accounts payable automation solutions, they consider the positive impact on working capital, productivity, cycle times, supplier satisfaction, and internal controls. We’ll review the top 10 AP solutions and will address how and why these solutions can prevent fraud.

Why should you attend this webinar?

  • Identify the top ten AP automation solutions.
  • Recognize how and why a specific AP automation solution can prevent fraud.
  • Associate AP automation solutions can help to mitigate risk.

  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • How Risk Impacts the AP Process
  • Examples of AP Risk and Control Issues
  • Automating Your AP Process to Mitigate Risk
  • How 10 Top AP Automation Solutions Can Mitigate Risk
  • Case Study
  • Q&A