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Jun 15

June 15-19, San Diego, CA At ACE 2019, attendees will have the opportunity to explore eight specialty tracks designed for management accountants and choose from more than 75 job-relevant sessions to customize their learning experience. More than 1,000 professionals from large and small businesses, public corporations, academic institutions and government agencies are expected to attend this year’s conference, providing attendees with ample opportunities to make strong business connections and explore new ways to boost their career in management accounting.

Jun 20 MineralTree webinar
Key Considerations When Transitioning to a Cloud-Based ERP by CPA Academy

Whether your mid-market business is migrating from an on-site ERP to a cloud-based solution or making the jump to an ERP for the first time and going with a cloud-based product, there are a few key IT, management, and process decisions to consider ahead of your transition.
In this webinar session, we will begin by addressing the challenges of a transition to the cloud across all industries. We will highlight a few key considerations to help your middle-market business make the most out of your new cloud-based ERP. These will include seeking assistance from other stakeholders within your organization as well as taking a more holistic view of your AP process to realize greater efficiencies.
What You Will Learn:
  • The importance and timing of looping in IT
  • How to think big picture and redefine your business processes
  • Discover new opportunities for your AP team

Jun 25 MineralTree webinar
Live Product Tour: MineralTree End-to-End AP Automation

In this 45-minute webcast, we take you on a live product tour of MineralTree. Follow the life of a bill from receipt to payment. Nicholas Kidd, a MineralTree AP Automation Expert, will present the session and answer your questions in real-time.
During the webinar we will review:
  • Invoice Capture: How invoice information is automatically extracted from paper and electronic invoices and coded at 99.5% accuracy
  • Invoice Approval: How uploaded invoices are automatically routed to departments for online approval
  • Payment Authorization: How businesses can employ the use of important payment controls: segregation of duties, dual factor authentication, and dual approvals for payments above certain thresholds
  • Payment Execution: How MineralTree executes payments on behalf of customers using their choice of payment methods with all electronic remittance details are sent to vendors

Jun 27 MineralTree webinar
Achieving Payment Optimization with Microsoft Dynamics GP

For years, growing companies leveraged Dynamics ERP systems to properly manage finances at scale. But most still struggle with the final stage of the accounts payable process – payments optimization. When middle-market companies pay suppliers by check, it is a sign they have not taken control over their processes. Electronic payments, including virtual cards, offer companies lower payments processing cost than checks, increased security, greater visibility into expense tracking, and cash-back rewards in the form of rebates.
In this live webinar session, attendees will:
  • Understand the key benefits of electronic payments to achieve greater optimization
  • Learn what virtual cards are and how they work
  • Learn how to address internal and external challenges of cards
  • Hear real-world success stories of payment optimization in the middle-market