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May 01 MineralTree webinar
AP Automation in Action: How Mid-Market Businesses Use Technology to Scale by CPA Academy

Today, most companies have heard the term AP Automation, but many may not understand what it really means for the AP department. Come learn what AP automation is all about and how it will transform your accounts payable function. The MineralTree team will share how companies automating AP are increasing AP efficiency, improving visibility over the end-to-end process and reducing their risk of fraud. Attendees will learn how easy it is to automate invoice processing (capture, code and approve) and payment processing in a seamless, automated workflow.
What you will learn:
  • Defining AP Automation
  • The benefits of automating AP
  • The manual AP process vs. an automated AP process
  • AP Automation in action
  Presented by MineralTree

May 02 MineralTree webinar
The Accounts Payable (AP) Playbook by CPA Academy

The accounts payable process is often referred to as the “backbone” of corporate transaction processing and is considered a financially significant process in all industries. As a result, the internal controls required for the AP process are critical to a company’s financial well-being since a well-designed internal controls and metrics program can detect and prevent fraud. This webinar dissects the components of the accounts payable (AP) process and provides examples of the key controls and metrics to consider.  The “playbook” approach can be used when implementing or improving your AP internal controls and metrics processes.
What you will learn:
  • Learn about AP internal control best practices.
  • Gain insight into metrics and how they apply to specific AP process components.
  • Learn how to identify and address the key risks within your AP process.

May 05
NACHA Payments

May 5-8, Orlando, FL Technology and information are making payments smarter and faster. New capabilities are enhancing the user experience, enriching decision making, and instilling greater security. Smarter. Faster. PAYMENTS 2019 is a unique industry venue designed for diverse organizations that are driving innovation, delivering value through new solutions and services, and employing these offerings to meet their business needs and transact with their customers.

May 08 MineralTree webinar
New Role of Automation in Accounts Payable for 2019 and Beyond by IMA

IMA logoThe accounts payable function plays a critical role in the day-to-day operations of any organization. And automation has become more of a required technology tool for today’s accounts payable teams across all verticals. It’s no longer just for fast-growing companies or organizations in the software or high-tech space. Nevertheless, the accounting function was a little late to the automation game compared to other business functions. Although different point solutions such as invoice capture and invoice processing applications have been around for a while, more fully automated platforms are becoming more well-known in the marketplace, particularly for those entities below the enterprise level. Join us as Dawn Brolin, of Powerful Accounting, and Stephen Williams, of MineralTree, discuss how in addition to efficiencies gained from time and cost savings, automating AP can provide your organization with benefits that are seen as more and more critical for businesses moving into 2019 and beyond. These include storing and sorting data to help make more informed decisions from an analytical standpoint; increasing productivity for remote team members; and reducing the risk of fraud among tech-savvy fraudsters.
Learning objectives:
  • Summarize the current state of cybercrime and fraud with respect to accounts payable.
  • Give examples of how businesses can rely on technology to be more efficient and more profitable.
  • Recognize the significant benefits and types of analytics that a business owner can gain by automating the accounts payable process.
  • Describe how to implement an automated accounts payable process and the primary considerations.

May 13
The CFO Leadership Conference

May 13-14, Boston, MA Designed to empower financial leaders, the CFO Leadership Conference offers relevant and tangible tools for CFOs to hone their leadership skills. Sessions include inspiring keynotes, and expert-led interactive workshops crafted to dig deep into key leadership areas within the Seven Pillars of the Modern CFO.

May 16 MineralTree webinar
AP Automation for Mid-Market Businesses: End-to-End vs. Point Solutions by CPA Academy

In this session, we examine each of the four steps that define the accounts payable process – invoice capture, invoice approval, payment authorization and payment execution – along with the challenges they create for businesses managing them manually. We will discuss how automating these four steps can enable businesses to elevate accounts payable activities to a more strategic level by helping to manage cash flow and strengthen vendor relationships. Lastly, we will help the you gain an understanding of the two different types of automation solutions and how your business can benefit from a fully automated AP process.
What you will learn:
  • Recognize the challenges associated with a manual end-to-end AP process.
  • Understand the automation solutions available for greater AP efficiencies.
  • Identify how a fully automated AP process can turn your accounts payable team into a more strategic arm of your finance function.
    Presented by MineralTree

May 21 MineralTree webinar
AP Automation: The Time is Now by CPA Academy

The expectations of accounts payable are changing from a cost center to a strategic function. Is your AP team up for the challenge? How are companies of all sizes impacting the bottom line by leveraging AP best practices? Can your company afford to get left behind? AP should be a strategic priority at your company. Join us to discover how to make that happen. Identify specific tactics to lower AP processing costs, impact productivity within and beyond AP, identify and mitigate fraud exposures, improve supplier relationships, and take more control of how and when you pay suppliers at your company.
What you will learn:
  • Understand why AP deserves to be a strategic priority.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage accounts payable automation to mitigate invoice processing costs at your company.
  • Identify opportunities to improve supplier relationships and productivity across the enterprise by leveraging accounts payable automation.
  • Identify opportunities to take more control of how and when you pay suppliers by leveraging accounts payable automation.
  • Discover 10 specific ways the bottom line is being impacted at companies that have invested in accounts payable automation.

Jun 04 MineralTree webinar
Segregation of Duties (SoD) Concepts by CPA Academy

Segregation of duties is a basic, key internal control and one of the most difficult to achieve. It is used to ensure that errors or irregularities are prevented or detected on a timely basis by employees in the normal course of business. Segregation of duties provides two benefits: 1) a deliberate fraud is more difficult because it requires collusion of two or more persons, and 2) it is much more likely that innocent errors will be found. At the most basic level, it means that no single individual should have control over two or more phases of a transaction or operation.  This webinar will explore specific concepts, examples and applications of the segregation of duties control at the corporate level and will use the accounts payable (AP) process as an example.
Why you should attend this webinar:
  • Identify the four types of SoD conflicts at the corporate level.
  • Obtain examples of SoD controls at the corporate level and for the AP process.
  • Recognize SoD conflicts that can exist within the AP process at the transaction and system level.
  • Obtain specific examples of compensating controls for the AP process.
  • Identify the components of a SoD policy.

Jun 15

June 15-19, San Diego, CA At ACE 2019, attendees will have the opportunity to explore eight specialty tracks designed for management accountants and choose from more than 75 job-relevant sessions to customize their learning experience. More than 1,000 professionals from large and small businesses, public corporations, academic institutions and government agencies are expected to attend this year’s conference, providing attendees with ample opportunities to make strong business connections and explore new ways to boost their career in management accounting.