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Question of the Week: Are There Any Vendors That Are Not Compatible with MineralTree?

Great question! Because you are now paying your vendors using MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay, you may be asking yourself how, and if, your vendors will be impacted. Will they know that you are managing your payables using MineralTree vs. your previous process?

The way you are paying your vendors won’t change. You will still make payments to them by check, credit card, ACH, etc. and the money will go directly from your method of payment to their hands. Using MineralTree does not impact your vendors at all (we are not a processor) and because you are already paying them and working with them, there is no need for them to be ‘compatible’.

In fact, our customers feel their relationships with vendors have improved as a result of using MineralTree. Invoices are being tracked accurately, they can quickly see the status of a payment in the event a vendor calls, and they can schedule payments in advance to ensure they don’t fall victim to  late penalty charge simply because they are out on vacation.

Beware of other automation solution providers that may require the vendor to register as a user (even on a free account), your vendor does not need access to accept your payment or to send an invoice.

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