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Did you know MineralTree is trusted by over 3,000 companies just like yours? With MineralTree’s AP Automation Software, you will see the following benefits:

  • Responsive Support – With a 9.3/10 from G2 for Support Quality, we offer US-based phone support to answer any and all your business needs.
  • Fast Implementation – Our AP automation software is up and running in just an average of 14 days!
  • Increased Efficiency – Our clients have improved workflow efficiency by up to 80%.
  • Easy Integration – We connect with 100s of existing ERPs with minimal effort.

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Why automate AP with MineralTree?

Improve Visibility & Retain Control

Eliminating paper and managing AP from a central platform accessible anywhere provides better visibility across user roles, business units, and locations. Real-time analytics provide insights and help you maintain better control over spend.


Increase Efficiency & Fuel Business Growth

Scaling your business with manual AP processes is an uphill battle, to say the least. Accounts Payable Automation allows you to process invoices faster with fewer errors and exceptions, eliminating friction without adding headcount.

Enhance Security & Mitigate Fraud Risk

Nobody wants to be the next headline. Mitigate external and internal risk by maximizing e-payments, creating a clean audit trail, offloading management of vendor payment details, and using best-in-class security controls.


Improve Supplier Experience

Delight your suppliers by streamlining payments with timely payments using their preferred method, enhanced remittance, and professional support from our dedicated team.


Simplify Reconciliation

Reconcile just once per payment run rather than reconciling individual payments as they are processed. Close the books at month-end and quarter-end faster.

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Reduce Payment Costs & Generate Cash

Leverage MineralTree’s supplier network to reduce payment costs and maximize cost savings, security, and cash-back rebates by converting paper checks into virtual card and other ePayments.

Connect to 100s of ERPs with Minimal Integration Effort

MineralTree has the broadest ERP coverage across mid-market and enterprise. TotalAP supports direct, real-time integration with the world’s leading ERPs, along with the ability to integrate with hundreds of others.

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