Integrated Payables for Enterprises

MineralTree FlexPay is for your business customers that are looking for file-based payment execution.

These customers are looking for an integrated payables solution to meet their specific and/or complex needs.

  • Automate payment execution
  • Easy integration with customers’ accounting/ERP system
  • Ability to handle a high volume of non-invoice “payouts” like marketplace payments, insurance payouts or healthcare provider payments
  • Ability to efficiently execute hundreds and thousands of payments with strict and secure controls
  • Guaranteed online fraud protection

MineralTree B2B Payment Solutions for Banks match the specific workflow and payment needs of your business banking customers. Deepen your relationship with them as they grow.

MineralTree B2B Payment Solutions for Banks, provides a fantastic opportunity for you!

  • Build new revenue streams
  • Convert check-based business payments to commercial card payments
  • Connect more deeply with business customers, boosting loyalty and retention
  • Brand MineralTree B2B Payment Solutions as offerings from your financial institution
  • Become an even more valued partner with your commercial business customers
  • Provide guarantees against online payment fraud

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