Solutions to Drive B2B Payments onto Cards

Earn fee income and interchange revenue by providing solutions that encourage your clients to use commercial cards for B2B payments.

Partnering with MineralTree to drive payments onto cards provides a fantastic opportunity for you!

  • Build new noninterest fee revenue streams
  • Convert check-based business payments to commercial card payments, boosting interchange
  • Connect more deeply with business clients, boosting loyalty and retention
  • Grow assets

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Help your business clients to optimize payments and improve cash flow with the use of commercial cards.

You have made a significant investment in your business and commercial card platform. Now, how can you grow charge volume? Unlike other solutions where the payments process is a separate workflow, MineralTree solutions, Invoice-to-Pay and FlexPay, enable businesses to pay vendors with either their bank-issued credit card or a virtual, one-time use card in the same seamless workflow.

Offer an integrated platform for your clients to improve cash flow, make real-time payments, increase security, and rely less on paper checks.

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