About JustGive

JustGive is a renowned nonprofit organization that utilizes the power of the Internet for online giving. Founded in 1999 by Kendall Web, JustGive’s mission is to increase charitable giving by connecting individuals and businesses with the charities and causes they care the most about. The destination for online charitable giving®, San Francisco-based JustGive has sent more than $353 million to over 141,000 charities.

JustGive offers donors innovative ways to give, enables nonprofits to collect donations online, and creates giving campaigns for companies to incorporate social responsibility and philanthropy into their business goals. With more than 1.8 million charities in the database, JustGive makes it simple for donors to support their favorite causes.

By providing donors with an easy-to-use online platform to search for charities and give to their favorite causes, JustGive simplifies the donation process and eliminates much of the manual work for donors. Through JustGive, donors can give when, how, and as often as they want. They can not only make direct and memorial donations but also fundraise and give charity gift cards using the website.

The Challenge: Completing More Than 61,000 Check Payments Manually
(2015 Stats)

Each day, thousands of donations are made via the online platform. The process is pretty straightforward for a donor. An individual visits the JustGive website, locates their charity of choice to donate to, chooses their donation amount, adds the item to their shopping cart and completes their transaction using a credit card or JustGive charity gift card.

Once payment information is entered, the donor’s process is complete. Now it is up to JustGive to execute the payment. Depending on the month, JustGive is responsible for disbursing anywhere from 6,000 to 15,000 check payments. With that many check payments, you would imagine the process would have some sort of automation. Think again! The entire process from printing checks to mailing checks was manually completed at the JustGive office.

With a team of eleven, JustGive did not have the resources on staff to perform the time-consuming task of completing check payments. Their solution: hire temporary employees to help fulfill payments. “We had two temporary employees dedicated to printing checks and three temporary employees stuffing and mailing envelopes. The entire process would take about three weeks before it would start again,” says Julia Hughes, Product Manager at JustGive.

The Solution: MineralTree FlexPay Simplifies Process

With thousands of payments, JustGive needed a process that was efficient and eliminated existing problems. “Sometimes printers would break down. When that happened, thousands of checks would be stalled and our process would come to a halt,” recalls Hughes.

JustGive began looking for partners to outsource check printing and distribution for its thousands of donation checks that are sent to nonprofit organizations every month. The team ultimately found that MineralTree FlexPay was most in line with their needs. MineralTree FlexPay is an automated payment execution solution that allows JustGive to release a large volume of payments while also following approval controls that suits compliance needs.

As a nonprofit serving corporate and financial clients, JustGive must meet strict compliance standards. This meant the organization needed to choose a payment engine that did not use intermediary accounts when processing check payments. JustGive’s payment process is now simplified into two steps:

  1. Data Import: JustGive uploads previously approved payment information to MineralTree for import.
  2. Payment Execution: Checks are issued directly from JustGive’s bank account, printed with JustGive and the nonprofit’s information and digitally signed. The checks are then mailed directly to the nonprofit.

After each payment batch is processed, the JustGive team receives a Payment Report from MineralTree with pertinent details on the number of payments processed.

The Benefits: Simple And Swift Payment Execution

JustGive can now quickly disburse monthly payments to thousands of charities within a few days. With MineralTree FlexPay, JustGive is assured that payments are completed within 24 hours of being uploaded to MineralTree. These payments are then executed directly from JustGive’s bank account instead of an intermediary account. Once each check is printed, it is mailed directly to the recipient charity, and is typically received within three to five business days.

A process that used to take up to three weeks is now completed in under four days. “We are no longer running into problems with late payments. Before even the littlest things could disrupt our process. Now, it’s so simple to make sure our nonprofits are paid on time,” says Hughes.

The Bottom Line: No More Worries

In 2015, the JustGive team processed 61,000 checks, with a majority of those fulfilled by hand until the organization started using MineralTree FlexPay in August 2015. Now that the team is no longer hiring temporary employees or responsible for fulfillment materials, JustGive is anticipating to save more than $75,000 annually.

But the value goes beyond cost savings. JustGive no longer has to worry about how long it’s taking for a nonprofit to receive payment, training new temporary hires, or identifying which department needs immediate access to printers that were endlessly occupied.

Beyond cost savings, the client interaction has surpassed JustGive’s expectations. “The MineralTree team is so helpful from support to account management. They are constantly there helping us with improvements and have a very quick response time whenever we ask questions,” adds Hughes.


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