Express Locations

About Express Locations

Express Locations is a T-Mobile Premium Retailer for T-Mobile USA. Headquartered in Wenatchee, Washington, Express Locations owns and operates more than 125 stores across ten western states. As one of America’s fastest-growing private companies, Express Locations’ mission is to operate “carrier grade” sales distribution, acquire quality customers, provide rewarding employment, and create profit for stakeholders.

The Challenge: An on-the-go CFO

With more than 115 locations and 600 invoices to process each month, the Accounts Payable process at Express Locations was laborious. Before implementing MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay, the team would receive an invoice via mail or email, manually enter the data into Excel, import into QuickBooks, have the supervisor review for accuracy, and then submit the invoices for payment to the CFO. Once payment was approved, the team would print paper checks, stuff them in an envelope, put them in the mailbox, and file the remittance detail in a filing cabinet.

Despite having a defined process in place, the team knew they were spending too much time on a manual process. And, anytime the CFO was out of the office, payments would be delayed to vendors since the team was unable to process payments or sign checks. With that in mind, it was absolutely necessary for an automated solution to have mobile access in order to improve efficiency for Express Locations.

The Solution: MineralTree was the choice AP automation

In 2014, Kristi DeLozier, Accounting Specialist at Express Locations, began her search for an automated Accounts Payable solution. DeLozier knew that Express Locations needed a solution that provided mobile access and help the company go paperless. DeLozier came across MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay and felt the product was a fit for what she needed.

After participating in a trial of the software with no long-term commitment, DeLozier couldn’t imagine going back to her old process.

Express Locations took advantage of every MineralTree feature available to QuickBooks users including multiple review and approval levels, invoice capture, document storage, and multiple payment options. Being able to manage the entire Accounts Payable process in one centralized location exceeded the expectations of Express Locations. And, it even improved their vendor relationships as vendors now receive email remittance details when a payment is processed and sent.

The Benefits: Cut time in half with invoice capture

While Express Locations has been using MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay since 2014, they recently enabled the invoice capture feature. In order to justify automated invoice capture, DeLozier timed how long it took to key in and attach one bill to QuickBooks versus using MineralTree to extract the data at a 99.5% accuracy rate. The results were incredible. Automation reduced the manual time spent on one invoice from 2:23 minutes to 1:03 minutes. Applying that logic to all 600 invoices that Express Locations processes in one month, the team is now saving a combined 13 hours per month.

Beyond these benefits, Express Locations’ audit process is now a breeze. “During our most recent audit, we saved time by being able to pull documents right from MineralTree with the search feature. This process used to be so time consuming. We had to search through filing cabinets and hope an invoice was in the right location,” states DeLozier. Instead of a mix of paper and electronic invoices, Express Locations now has everything stored electronically within the MineralTree application at no extra charge. Because of this, the finance department has eliminated more than two file cabinet drawers worth of invoices.

The Bottom Line: MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay is a must

With invoice approval and payment authorization at the push of a button, MineralTree has positively impacted the Accounts Payable process at Express Locations. Being able to capture and retain documents for review has been a huge time saver and great resource for the entire team. Express Locations has streamlined the review, approval, and payment process, and MineralTree’s mobile capabilities mean that the Accounts Payable process is never delayed due to approvers’ travel schedules.

Beyond features and functionality, DeLozier values the partnership that MineralTree has formed with Express Locations. “MineralTree goes beyond providing basic customer support for its clients. We have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is always available if issues arise and who is keen on hearing feedback from us on how MineralTree can improve the product to meet our growing needs,” says DeLozier.

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