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Generation Tux Moves From Competitor To MineralTree And Saves 64 Hours Per Month

Growing company switches from competitor to MineralTree for true ERP integration capabilities

About Generation Tux

mineraltree competitors case study

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur George Zimmer (best known for his role as the founder, CEO, and spokesman for Men’s Wearhouse), Generation Tux set out to transform the entire tuxedo rental experience. As the first company to overhaul the tuxedo rental industry, they have set themselves apart from their brick-and-mortar and catalog-based competitors.

Generation Tux is a first-of-its-kind ‘high tech, high touch’ online tuxedo and suit rental platform, offering exclusive service with tailors on demand to visit customers’ homes or offices so they can look their best during life’s most important moments. Distinguished by superior quality and style, a hassle-free online shopping experience and unrivaled concierge services, Generation Tux is in a league of its own.

The team at Generation Tux is all about improving internal experiences to increase efficiency and improve operations. As a one-man finance team, Casey Walters needed all the help he could get to automate and streamline financial processes. When he joined Generation Tux as the Controller,  he found a disastrous Accounts Payable (AP) process in place.

icon-the-problemThe Challenge: AP Automation Fails

Prior to Casey’s arrival, Generation Tux had implemented FinancialForce as their accounting system and a MineralTree competitor for both AP automation and travel & expense management. Unfortunately, he inherited systems that did not speak to each other or improve processes.

After deciding to implement QuickBooks, Casey approached the AP automation provider to fully understand their integration. He quickly found that they did not have a direct integration with FinancialForce or QuickBooks, which meant that a supposedly automated process took more time than an outdated, manual process.

“We’ve saved 64 hours of time and money since implementing MineralTree.
It’s mission-critical to use an automation solution that
directly integrates with your accounting system, unlike the solution we previously used.”
– Casey Walters, Controller, Generation Tux

icon-the-solutionThe Solution: Direct Integration With QuickBooks

After nearly a year with this competitor, Casey turned to Google to find a new solution. “It was important to find a product that had positive reviews. After my experience, I knew I had to find a solution that people were not only raving about but also had a direct integration with QuickBooks,” recalls Walters.

“After reading MineralTree reviews, I reached out for pricing. Once I talked to them, it was a no brainer. Compared to the other solution, I’m saving contractual costs and am able to reallocate my time on more strategic matters,” says Walters.

icon-the-benefitsThe Benefits: Saving 64 Hours Every Month

“With the old solution, there was no connector into our accounting system, and they had no plans to integrate with QuickBooks. Our month-end process involved manually exporting all transactions and then slowly and methodically allocating those back to our accounting system,” recalls Walters.

This so-called automated process took Walters two weeks of manual work. “I went from 80 hours of month-end work with the old solution to only 16 hours with MineralTree,” states Walters. “Now, all invoice and payment information syncs quickly back to QuickBooks, eliminating the manual process of allocating payments in the accounting system.”

Besides the month-end transformation, MineralTree enables Generation Tux to easily search for invoices and check images to provide during an audit. “Every company I’ve been at has had a very time-consuming process when it comes to providing documentation for auditors. It takes days to find the exact invoice they are looking for and find the check image that correlates. With MineralTree it only took me 4 hours to provide about 50 invoices to our auditors,” says Walters.

This improved payment visibility is one of the main features that Generation Tux appreciates most compared to their old process. “In the past, I’d have to contact the provider directly to figure out payment timing or to see check images. An automated solution shouldn’t require you to reach out to support for payment information,” says Walters.

“With MineralTree, I have phone and email support as well as a Director of Customer Success that I can reach out to at anytime.”

icon-the-bottom-lineThe Bottom Line: Invest In An Integrated Product

Generation Tux had the unfortunate experience of using a system that did not have a direct integration with their accounting system. This is not uncommon as there are plenty of solution providers out there that do not have API-level integrations.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to have an automation product that directly integrates with your accounting system. If a product says it should increase efficiency, it should. Thankfully, MineralTree does exactly that,” concludes Walters.

icon-take-the-next-stepTake The Next Step

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