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Frey Pet Hospital Drastically Increases Efficiency with MineralTree

Leading Animal Hospital Relies On MineralTree To Reduce Costs And Simplify Processes

download-case-studyAbout Frey Pet Hospital

Frey Pet Hospital is a leading veterinary practice dedicated to quality animal care in Cedar Rapids, IA. With more than 7,000 clients, this 50 year old, state of the art facility delivers the latest life-saving technologies to their clients. Frey Pet Hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital
Association (AAHA), an accomplishment only 15% of small animal hospitals achieve.

Like many other businesses, Frey Pet Hospital works with a variety of vendors to provide the latest medical equipment, supplies, and tools to their furry friends. As the number of vendors and customers increases, Frey Pet Hospital realized their traditional, paper-based process was antiquated and costing the facility thousands of dollars in both resources and time.

With MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay, Nichole Gabridge, Hospital Administrator at Frey Pet Hospital, was able to refocus the endless hours she used to spend on manually recording invoices, reconciling accounts, selecting what bills to pay, signing checks, stuffing and stamping envelopes, and mailing them out. “We are a small team and each of us is responsible for many areas of the business,” recalls Nichole. “With Invoice-to-Pay, dealing with vendor invoices is no longer a grueling task and I am able to focus my attention on more strategic matters.”

icon-the-problemThe Challenge: Streamline Payments While Reducing Risk

Frey Pet Hospital provides critical veterinary services, and with a very small team running operations, the need to be organized and productive is exceedingly important. Being a leading facility, Frey Pet Hospital offers various advanced treatment paths and the internal team cannot afford delays or errors when processing invoices and providing payment to their vendors.

Frey’s old process included manually importing more than 100 invoices each month into QuickBooks, capturing proper approvals for select bills, printing checks, and stuffing and stamping each envelope. “There was a definite need to make this process as efficient as possible,” says Gabridge.

“The payment process moves much smoother now. Vendors are paid quicker,
costs are reduced, and my time is being spent in much better ways.”
– Nichole Gabridge, Hospital Administrator, Frey Pet Hospital

icon-the-solutionThe Solution: Invoice-to-Pay Speeds Up Internal Process

Nichole Gabridge knew she wanted some sort of integration and automation. Yet, she was skeptical. Turning to Frey Pet Hospital’s local bank, Gabridge realized that MineralTree’s solution would integrate flawlessly with QuickBooks, streamline the lengthy accounting process, and increase efficiency.

In May 2015, Frey Pet Hospital began using MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay. The process for transitioning to
MineralTree’s solution was effortless and the two-way, real time sync enables any changes that are made in QuickBooks to automatically transfer over to MineralTree’s Invoice-to-Pay platform.

By adding MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay to QuickBooks, Frey Pet Hospital has capabilities they did not have before. The team can now:

  • Create complex invoice and payment approval
  • Automate payment execution;
  • Manage documentation and easily search within
    them; and
  • Gain a deeper level of control and security.

icon-the-benefitThe Benefits: More Time, More Money

The benefits that Invoice-to-Pay have afforded Frey Pet Hospital are evident. “The payment process moves much smoother now. Vendors are paid quicker, costs are reduced, and my time is being spent in much better ways,” says Gabridge.

Frey Pet Hospital is projected to save over $3,000 a year with Invoice-to-Pay. How is this possible? “Each check, without adding in postage, the envelope, or my time, was costing us $2 to print,” recalls Gabridge.

Looking at 100 payments each month, the total spend on printing checks was $200. After adding in postage and envelopes for the 1,200 checks processed, the total comes to $3,060 each year.

“The new process is quick and easy. Not only are we able to invest the money we are saving back in animal
services, but I now have more time dedicated to truly making sure the hospital operates smoothly,” says Gabridge. With Invoice-to-Pay, Frey Pet Hospital did not have to change any operational plans, the training process was quick and easy, and they are assured payments are made securely and timely.

icon-the-bottom-lineThe Bottom Line: Why Choose MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay?

For Frey Pet Hospital, MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay transformed skeptics into believers. The key combination of real-time integration with QuickBooks gave the team better insight into cashflow and a powerful, easy-to-use platform where invoices and check images are stored.

“MineralTree truly understands the needs of smaller businesses where time and money are valued assets,” says Gabridge. “They understand the importance of simplification and flexibility. And, they’re helping us focus our time on what we love to do – take care of animals!”

icon-take-the-next-stepTake The Next Step

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