Why You Need To Consider Automating Accounts Payable

It’s no secret – for most businesses, the critical everyday Invoice-to-Pay process is manual, ad hoc, paper-based, often lacking robust approval and payment authorization controls. It’s also clear that given a choice between an error-prone manual process and a streamlined automated process, most organizations will choose to automate. But automation requires effort and investment, and organizations need to ensure that the effort and investment are worthwhile – and that the returns are tangible.

ROI calculators are often used by businesses as an attempt to anticipate and project the bottom-line impact of an investment, and to help justify making that investment. ROI calculators are terrific tools, but they are inherently reductive, and often present an overly simplified synthesis of value.

When exploring an investment in bringing new efficiency to a business critical process such as the invoice-to-pay process, it’s important to ensure solid ROI, but also take a careful look at the broader value story. In this topic paper, we’ll take a look at the real value created by MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay.

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