Earn Rebates With SilverPay Virtual Credit Card Rebate Program

earn cash rebates with virtual credit cardSilverPay virtual credit card program provides free vendor enrollment services and cash rebates. 

Virtual credit cards, or one-time use cards, are a ‘plastic-less’ payment method used to process a specific vendor payment for a specific dollar amount. And, virtual cards are a secure payment type that provides cash rebates.

Virtual cards are an easy-to-use electronic payment type that benefits you and your vendors

For your vendors, virtual cards:

  • Enable faster payments
  • Eliminate paper checks and the need for bank deposits
  • Include electronic remittance detail

For your organization, virtual cards:

  • 500,000 vendors already enrolled in the SilverPay network.
  • Eliminate the manual check payment process and potential for lost/stolen checks
  • Reduce exposure to check fraud
  • Ensure against late payment fees
  • Earn your organization 0.5% cash-back for all qualifying transactions
  • Ease the reconciliation process – payments appear as a debit on your bank statement

MineralTree handles the application form, vendor matching, and enrollment process for you, enabling you to receive 0.5% cash back on all qualifying transactions.

Want to learn which vendors accept virtual card payments? Request a pricing estimate today and we’ll run your vendor list against our SilverPay Network.

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