Payment Automation: FlexPay

A payment automation (integrated payables) solution for enterprises making 100+ payments per month.

FlexPay enables enterprises to optimize their payment process and choose the most efficient payment methods.

  • Streamlines your payables process by consolidating multiple payment types into a single electronic file
  • Works with any accounting system
  • Maximizes rebates and rewards by moving spend onto credit cards
  • Reduces costs by optimizing the most efficient payment method accepted by each vendor
  • Improves working capital by speeding your payment processing
  • Brings more control over your payments
Send eletronic payments file
payment automation

Send payments securely, with guaranteed fraud protection

  • Issue payments via physical check, ACH, single use virtual card, or your own commercial credit card
  • Centralize and standardize all payment types in one place
  • Payments are sent directly from your bank account – no use of settlement or clearing accounts
  • Remittance details are transmitted automatically so vendors know when, why, and how they have been paid
Ensure proper authorization of payments
Ensure proper authorization of payments

Easily authorize payments – anywhere, anytime

  • Payment automation system supports single and multiple payment authorizers
  • Set thresholds to determine approval workflows and approval limits
  • Approve batch payments

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