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Here’s how MineralTree Invoice-to-Pay works!

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CAPTURE: invoice capture made easy

Scan, Store, Manage: You input your accounts payable invoices and supporting documentation – then MineralTree does the header and line item data extraction for you and posts it seamlessly to your accounting software.

  • Scan invoices in bulk
  • Convert paper invoices to searchable PDF documents
  • Originate invoice in your accounting application or Invoice-to-Pay
  • Upload or email documents or allow your vendors to email invoice documents
  • Automatically extract invoice header and general ledger-coded line item data with no manual invoice entry
  • Link invoice documents with invoice data
  • Simplify posting to your accounting package
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mineraltree suite of software

APPROVE: route invoices for approval

Advanced online invoice routing gets your requests for approvals to your list of approvers quickly.

  • Route vendor invoices to specific approvers based on vendor name or other invoice data
  • Customizable workflows mean you use your existing process and the workflows you already have in place—or make new ones
  • Configurable—require invoice approval prior to payment for all—or selected invoices
  • Rigorous controls and tracking built into the application
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mineraltree suite of software

AUTHORIZE: easy payment authorization—anywhere, anytime

Mobile device access lets busy executives review, authorize, or schedule payments—anywhere they are, anytime.

  • System supports single and multiple payment authorizers
  • Keep things secure with segregation of duties and payment limit alerts
  • Two-factor payment verification provides additional level of security against unauthorized or fraudulent payments
mineraltree approver dashboard and workflow screenshot
mineraltree suite of software

PAY: send payments directly and securely, with guaranteed fraud protection

MineralTree sends check and ACH payment information directly to your bank for payment. Additionally, you can maximize rebates and rewards by moving AP spend onto virtual cards or your own corporate credit card.

  • Advanced security through Bank Positive Pay—ensures your bank automatically receives details of all checks authorized and issued
  • MineralTree SilverGuard provides online account fraud protection up to $100,000 per year
  • Payments are sent from your own account—no use of clearing accounts
  • Payments are recorded automatically with 2-way real-time synchronization to your accounting system
  • Remittance details transmitted automatically so vendors know when, why, and how they have been paid

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Bill Sobo, Chief Financial Officer, BlueSnap

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