MineralTree Spring 2016 Product Release

Enhanced Invoice Approval Workflows


Ensure that the right people approve invoices at the right time. New multi-tiered approval rules allow you to send requests sequentially when multiple approvals are required – secondary approvers receive requests only after initial sign-off is received.

Additionally, receive immediate notification when invoice approval requests are rejected, so that you can quickly review and reassign requests. Paired with flexible rule creation for the attributes that are most meaningful to your business (vendor, department, location, etc), these invoice approval enhancements allow you to establish and comply with internal approval controls.

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Automated Invoice Capture for QuickBooks Users*


Eliminate data entry, reduce errors, and save time on the manual task of invoice entry. With MineralTree’s automated invoice capture functionality:

  • Invoice data associated with documents that are loaded into MineralTree is automatically extracted and made available the next business day
  • You select desired level of invoice data
    • Complete invoice data: header + line level details. Header level information includes data such as Vendor Name, Invoice Number, Invoice Date, and Invoice Amount. Line level data includes specific line item amounts and descriptions referenced on an invoice.
    • Header data only
  • Review and code invoices in MineralTree, and post to QuickBooks when complete.

*Automated invoice capture is also available for NetSuite, Intacct, and Microsoft Dynamics GP users.

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To enable this feature, contact Rosetta Rajoyan at rosetta.rajoyan@mineraltree.com.
Limited time offer: no charge until May 31, 2016

No More Case Sensitive Search!

Locate any vendor record regardless of capitalization and punctuation.



Streamlined Navigation Between Applications

Easily switch between all of the applications you have access to through the Settings menu.

Additional Release Information

Review our Release Notes for additional updates included as part of this release.