MineralTree June 2017 Product Release

A Revamped Vendor Details Screen

Our redesigned vendor details screen offers improved visibility and a full page layout to help users manage vendor information, payment preferences, and invoice preferences more efficiently. Additional flexibility has been added to allow users to suppress remittance emails and disable certain payment methods at the vendor level.

Expanded Support for Default Invoice Coding

Users can now fully configure vendors with default expense accounts, A/P accounts, terms, classes, locations, departments, and other dimensions specific to their accounting package.

Enhanced Sync Failure Reporting

Our invoice and payment sync failure reports have been augmented with an explanation for each specific error; empowering MineralTree users to quickly troubleshoot certain issues. NetSuite and Intacct customers can find these improved reports by going to the Reports tab and running the “Invoice Sync Failures” or “Payment Sync Failures” reports from the dropdown menu.

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For full details of all new functionality, see the product Release Notes.