MineralTree June 2017 Product Release

New Features: Vendor Detail Screen and Sync Reporting

Included in this release, we have rolled out a new, full screen redesign of the Vendor Details screen. Expanded support for default invoice coding across all accounting packages. For Intacct and NetSuite users, you now have the ability to see the exact reason your sync issue occurred.

A Revamped Vendor Details Screen

The redesigned vendor details screen offers improved visibility and a full page on which to manage vendor information, payment preferences, and invoice preferences. Additional flexibility has been added to allow users to suppress remittance emails and change default payment methods on the same screen.

Expanded Support for Default Invoice Coding

Expanded support for default invoice coding across all accounting packages allows users to easily configure vendors with a default expense account, default A/P account, default terms, dimensions, and other invoice preferences specific to your accounting package.

New Report for Troubleshooting Sync Issues

This new report (available for Intacct and NetSuite users) and will include information on the cause of a sync issue to aid in executing the appropriate resolution and correction. This report may be found by going to the reporting tab and clicking “Invoice Sync Failures” and “Payment Sync Failures” in the dropdown menu.

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For full details of all new functionality, see the product Release Notes.